10 Reasons Why Writing an Essay Is Such a Difficult Job

10 Reasons Why Writing an Essay Is Such a Difficult Job

Different students seek essay writing help for different reasons. Everyone knows how daunting these assignments can be, and the worst part is that more and more professors use them to check upon your knowledge.


At some point, they can become overwhelming, whether it is the lack of writing experience or the lack of time. It makes no difference if you have a job, you are too busy studying, or you simply dislike the idea of research. Essay writing services represent a viable option for numerous students these days.


Now, finding the best essay writing service also implies spending some money. Sure, you will not pay too much for a couple of essays counting a few pages each, but costs can add up when you need plenty of work.


So, what makes essay writing such a challenge? Why do more and more students choose to simply reach out to an essay writing website and pay the price instead of researching and writing themselves?

Reasons why writing essays is a nightmare for students

Failing to express and organize ideas

When you write an essay, you need to research a little first. If you are good enough at the respective subject, research will be a breeze. But then, the essay is supposed to follow some rules while it also gives you the freedom to express opinions and points of view.


With these thoughts in mind, many students struggle to organize their ideas. Indeed, anyone can come up with an outline and some subtitles, but organizing ideas takes more than that, especially since you also need to rotate these ideas around those personal opinions.


Even if you do manage to get a bit of organization, expressing everything in an engaging and exciting manner will be a serious issue. At this point, you need experience as a writer, which most students do not have. This is when an essay writing website becomes the best option.

Failing to use appropriate grammar and punctuation

There are certain rules you need to follow in terms of punctuation. Everyone knows there is a space after each full stop, but punctuation requires more than that. For example, where do you put the quotes? Do they go before or after the punctuation at the end of a sentence?


Such small details can make a difference when a professor goes through your essay. Indeed, you can research them and organize your essay by the book, but you barely have time to come up with ideas for this essay. Who has the time to also specialize in punctuation?


Basic grammar can also be an issue for many students. On the same note, clarity of expression becomes a problem too. All these things can lower your grade or cause you to fail. With these ideas in mind, it is no surprise why essay writing sites are so popular today.

Different styles of essay writing

There are more types of essays. In some cases, the professor may tell you precisely what kind of style you need to adapt. In other situations, there are no requirements because the professor believes it makes common sense.


Now, the four main styles of essays are:


  • Expository
  • Argumentative
  • Descriptive
  • Narrative


There are more options out there, but these are only the main ones. Unless you are an expert in writing, you probably have no clue what each of them means. Furthermore, each type of essay has particular rules and requires a specific writing time.


When you barely have time to research or study, becoming familiar with essay writing styles and their requirements is the last thing you want to worry about. Time is an issue, so simply go for the best paper writing services instead.

You would rather scroll on social media

You know social media is bad for you when you want to write an essay or complete a different assignment for school. But then, you need to find your inspiration, right? Besides, after spending one hour writing a single paragraph in the introduction, you do need a break.


You plan to take 10 minutes only, but one thing leads to another. Three hours later, you are chatting with your best friend. It happens, and it makes sense. After all, you would rather do something fun than mess about with the most boring activity in the universe.


This is one of the main reasons wherefore essays are so difficult, but also one of the top reasons wherefore so many students would rather rely on professional essay writers.

Trying to make your professor happy

From some points of view, it makes sense. You want your professor to be happy. You want a good grade, so you tend to focus this essay on your professor’s requirements, rather than your point of view, personal opinions, and style.


It may sound hard to believe, but your professor would rather be surprised than guessing what you write about. Most students cannot help but go in this direction and fuel the idea of satisfying their professors.


Now, when you reach a website to buy cheap essay , the writer assigned to you has no clue who your professor is or what they like. There will be a unique point of view, a statement, and a personal opinion that your professor will definitely appreciate.

Focusing on the grade, rather than the essay

No one is writing essays to start a revolution, unless you are part of some movement. When it comes to school assignments, you do it because you have to. If you had an option, you would just ditch the idea, simple as that.


Therefore, yes, most students write essays in order to get a nice grade. But this is also a reason wherefore many of them fail. You write the essay for that A, rather than write something good and cool. The truth is most professors would rather appreciate a nice surprise and a cool point of view.


When your focus goes in the wrong direction, the final result will be just as bad. Find a site that writes essays and call it a day. There is no need to take risks or work for days, only to realize that you have nothing cool to present.

Lack of passion and enthusiasm

Even the best students in your class will lack a bit of passion and enthusiasm when writing essays, even if they actually do a pretty good job. The only difference is that they have more writing experience, as well as maybe more knowledge in one particular subject.


If you were asked to play a video game, go out with your friends or post a daily picture on social media for a month, you would welcome some challenges with plenty of enthusiasm. But writing an essay is boring, exhausting, and time consuming.


An essay writer service will allow you to focus on those cool activities instead.

No writing experience

You could love one subject or another. You could be an expert in it. But it is one thing to be practically good or have all the theory and a different thing to write about it. Writing essays is not all about researching and knowing what you write about, but also about writing like a professional.


The lack of writing experience could even make the best student in the class look stupid. If this is not your strongest point, make sure you spend this time trying to find the best online essay writing service instead. It is easier and will give you better results.

You would rather avoid plagiarism

This is another reason wherefore so many students fail at completing their assignments by the book. Your focus is to avoid plagiarism because you know your professor will check. Instead of featuring a unique idea, you rewrite some other random work in your own words.


There is nothing original about it. Plus, it will look fake, especially when you try to use more or less sophisticated words and synonyms that make no sense. Skip the hassle and find the best essay writing services reviews instead. The best essay writers out there will ensure your work is original, as it is written from scratch.

No writing speed

Time is usually limited. While you can get plenty of time in the first place, chances are you will keep delaying the essay until it is too late. A top essay writing specialist will come up with one idea after the other. They will flow freely in a speedy manner, but they will also interconnect.


When you lack experience, speed, and ideas, writing a paragraph will take three hours.


These are by far the most common reasons wherefore writing essays is so difficult. Even if you are not aware of some of them, chances are they will hit you if you try to write this essay with no experience, motivation, or skill.


Your best bet is to stop wasting time and simply look for the best websites for writing essays.