2017-2018 Tournament Calendar and Invitations

Can confirm that the Northwest Warm-up will be Sept. 23-24 at Bellevue College.

I am just now seeing that the dates for Berkeley have changed. We (the PNW region) adjusted our regional tournament calendar based on the original dates so that some of our programs could attend. It is understandable that dates change, I am just wondering how stable these new dates are. TIA

Washburn Tournament Nov. 11-12

Sorry about the changes, we got word that we might have issues with our date after our original announcement. The new date for Berkeley is final.

Thanks for confirming the GGI dates.

Dear Colleagues:

The forensic programs at Texas Tech University and The University of Utah invite you to the 12th annual Mile High Swing to be held on the campus of The University of Utah, January 4-7, 2018. We are also pleased to announce that Joe Gantt, Director of Forensics at Lewis & Clark College, has agreed to tabulate the tournament. PLEASE NOTE: This year, the tournament will run over 4, not 3, days.

2018 MILE HIGH INVITE.pdf (264.7 KB)

NW Parli Warmup. Bellevue College. Sat and Sun Sept 23 and 24. http://www.nwforensics.org/nw-parli-warmup/index.htm

Pacific Meets the Delta Swing tournament dates are Nov. 3-5, 2017. Invitation is attached.

Also, all Northern California Forensic Association tournaments are listed here at the following website are listed at the website Matt provided previously but for some reason many are missing. Any chance we could get them all added? Please and thank youo.

PMDSPK 17.pdf (387.0 KB)

@omega_debate I added the missing tournaments from the NCFA site, don’t think they were there when Matt originally posted the link :slight_smile: I just add tournaments as I see them in this thread, you’re always welcome to edit the top post and add missing tournaments that you know about.

Hi folks!

Sorry for the late notice, but I finally got approval to announce:

West Texas Dustup will take place January 19-21.

We’re looking at a 6 round tournament and working out final details, but likely featuring experimentation with backside rebuttals this year. We are also super down to discuss fee waivers for any programs that may otherwise be unable to attend.

Invite coming soon!

I never fixed this at school and requested the vans for the wrong day… woof to me

2 tournaments at The University of Oklahoma this season…

Sooner Showdown…November 3-5 (5 prelims to appropriate elims. Plus IE, LD, IPDA, and TIPDA) . http://www.forensicstournament.net/soonershowdown/17

The Sweetheart Swing…February 9-11 . (5 prelims to appropriate elims. Plus IE, LD, IPDA, and TIPDA)

Zach, I just saw a FT.N post for CSUN being the weekend after this year. It is not when John told me it would be but he isn’t in charge anymore, lol

Wheaton College is hosting our annual Hollatz Debates Nov. 3-4. We hope to see you there!

Please contact rebecca.sietman@wheaton.edu with questions.

Wheaton2017_HollatzDebatesInvite_NPDA.pdf (292.3 KB)

2018 Mile High Registration & Hotel Info

IE Swing, Pt. 1 (Jan. 5): http://www.forensicstournament.net/UtahIESwingPt1/18

IE Swing, Pt. 2 (Jan. 6): http://www.forensicstournament.net/UtahIESwingPt2/18

NPDA Swing, Pt. 1 (Jan. 4-5): http://www.forensicstournament.net/MHPartOne/18/home/

NPDA Swing, Pt. 2 (Jan. 5-7): http://www.forensicstournament.net/MHPartTwo/18/home/

To book at the tournament hotel, follow these instructions: http://www.forensicstournament.net/MHPartTwo/18/blog/

Hi folks,

Here is the invite for the 2018 West Texas Dustup (January 19-21).

We hope you can join us in Lubbock for some excellent competition!

Dustup Invitation.pdf (304.8 KB)

Hello everyone!

Tulane University will be hosting the 2nd annual Carnival Classic January 26-27, 2018 in New Orleans, LA. Full formal invitation will be posted soon, but please add us to this calendar and consider coming down for intense NPDA competition and a Mardi Gras parade!

2018 Sweetheart Swing! NPDA Competition will be February 9-10, 2018. We also will offer NFA-LD, IE’s, IPDA, and TIPDA during the weekend.

One open division. 6 prelim rounds. We will break all winning records.

Get more information at www.sweetheartswing.com

Who is going to make the new one?