2019 NPTE - What to Expect


Hello everyone!

We look forward to seeing you at the 2019 NPTE at the University of Nevada, Reno from March 21-23. The NPTE has made a number of changes for this year’s tournament, so we wanted to send out a quick reminder about what to expect.

  • Smaller, more competitive tournament – We made adjustments to the points formula to make it somewhat more difficult to qualify for the NPTE; we expect no more than 32 teams to qualify and attend. We also eliminated bids for teams with fewer than 18 points (though we still accept 1 at-large bid from a team with at least 12 points at a school with no other qualifying teams). In keeping with the smaller tournament, this year’s NPTE will have 5 prelims, and only the top 16 teams will clear to elimination rounds. With these changes, we seek to ensure that qualifying for the NPTE is an achievement in itself, and to fulfill the old mantra that “every round feels like an elimination round”.
  • Fewer topics, released earlier – This year’s NPTE has only 5 topics, which were released in mid-January; you can find the list of topics here: 2019 NPTE Topics
  • Topic reuse and choice in elims – Each topic will be used in one prelim, and then topics will be reused in elimination rounds. We have reintroduced a topic choice process for elimination rounds: we flip a coin; the winner chooses whether to control topic or side; teams controlling topic choose any of the 5 NPTE topics for their round; and teams controlling side choose their side. We hope that topic reuse increases the odds that teams get to make use of their research, and that reintroducing topic choice adds an interesting strategic component to elimination rounds.
  • Hosted on Tabroom – This year’s tournament will be run entirely out of Tabroom (postings, results, e-balloting, etc.). You will need to register your teams and judges at npte.tabroom.com.
  • Online fees payment – You can now pay entry/membership fees at https://www.nptedebate.org/payments using a credit card. You can also still pay your fees via a check at tournament registration.

The tournament invitation can be found at https://www.nptedebate.org/tournament. At-large bids may be submitted to nptedebate@gmail.com at any time; a partnership’s season-long points total including half points can be calculated at https://www.nptedebate.org/estimate. At-large bids are granted to partnerships who have earned at least 18 NPTE points over the course of the season (including half-points if one or both students debated with another partner). For schools that have no other qualifying teams, 1 at-large bid will be granted to a team with 12 or more NPTE points over the course of the season.

Finally, if you are interested in attending the NPTE but are struggling with financial constraints, the NPTE will grant a limited number of fee waivers on a case-by-case basis, using revenue from the sale of the Parli Prepbook. You may email nptedebate@gmail.com to request a fee waiver.

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns. We look forward to seeing you at the 2019 NPTE in Reno!

- The NPTE board