2020 NPDA Sweeps Error

Dear NPDA Community,

The NPDA Executive Council has discovered that due to an error in registration and entry procedure a team was incorrectly categorized as a regular entry in the 2020 National Tournament. This team received full sweepstakes points despite being ineligible to represent the institution they were registered under according to the NPDA Bylaws regarding competitor eligibility. Because of this, the team received full points in the sweepstakes calculation. As a result, the final sweepstakes finishes were incorrect.

Unfortunately, this error has been discovered more than 30 days after the tournament. According to our bylaws all results are final after 30 days unless information relevant to an appeal of the results was unavailable until after the 30-day period. In this case, the information was available but the error was not discovered.

Nevertheless, while we cannot change the results the EC offers its sincere apologies and late congratulations to McKendree University, who should have been the winner of Tournament Sweepstakes for the 2020 NPDA National Championship.

We believe the integrity of our sweepstakes awards matters. We know it is important to administrations, teams, and, especially, competitors who work so hard to earn those awards. The EC has resolved to improve the registration procedure that allowed this error and to implement double-check procedures during the sweeps tabulation process to ensure that such a mistake does not happen again.

The NPDA Executive Council
David Worth
Brittany Hubble
Amanda Ozaki
Shannon LaBove

Below please find a statement from the 2020 NPDA Tournament Director, Adam Testerman.

Dear Parli Community,

I served as Tournament Director for the 2020 NPDA tournament. One of the functions of this role is to collect and verify enrollment forms for competitors attending the tournament. It is with sincere regret that I say that I failed this duty in one key way that had a significant impact on final sweepstakes considerations. This team contributed full points to PDB’s sweepstakes considerations. At the point of collecting enrollment verification forms, the debaters had forms that were not from UC-Berkeley. I did not think anything of it at the time of collecting forms, but it was my responsibility to make sure that the team was entered as a hybrid, as I was the person with that information. I offer no excuses - only my apologies to the community and particularly McKendree University, who would have been named sweeps champions had this entry error not occurred. I take full responsibility for this error. This would have offered an incredible opportunity for McKendree to claim two national championships at the NPDA 2020 tournament, especially at a time when that kind of information would have been particularly meaningful for their program. I also extend my apologies to Parliamentary Debate at Berkeley and the NPDA Executive Council. I believe this is a learning opportunity for myself and future tournament check-in procedures, but I deeply regret the lesson comes at the cost it has.

Adam Testerman
NPDA 2020 Tournament Director