2021 NPTE Seeding

Congrats to the 24 teams that will be competing at the 2021 NPTE! We look forward to a weekend of great competition. Below you can find the seed order and first round pairing. Note that the seed order includes any half points that teams have earned, so it may vary from the rankings on the website (which do not include half points).

Team Points
Berkeley Miskell/Rashid 35.67
Rice Chen/Scannell 34.75
Oregon Graville/Li 32.36
Rice Abraham/Lin 31.39
Berkeley Alpert/White 28.57
San Diego State Hitomi/Pryor-Landman 24.03
Pacific Garcia/Sandhiparthi 22.96
Rice Shamanna/Tate 22.71
McKendree Deleel/Garrett 21.5
UT Tyler Kumar/Remaley 19.49
McKendree Postula/Smith 18.26
Texas Tech Clay/Crowe 18.1
Concordia Gleeson/Nowlan 18.07
Texas Tech Honea/Taylor 15.72
UT Tyler Lamborn/Walker 14.99
Pacific J. Reyes/Smithson 14.79
Pacific P. Paez/M. Reyes 14.49
Berkeley Chakladar/Fees 12.15
Minnesota Kearney/Kivimaki 11.56
Rice Renteria/Witt 9.71
El Camino/CSULB Hipsher/Thibodeaux 8.93
El Camino Qin/Yoon 8.85
El Camino Edwards/Wagreich 8
Pacific Guzman/D. Paez 6.15
First round pairing
Berkeley Miskell/Rashid Pacific Guzman/D. Paez
Rice Chen/Scannell El Camino Edwards/Wagreich
Oregon Graville/Li El Camino Qin/Yoon
Rice Abraham/Lin El Camino/CSULB Hipsher/Thibodeaux
Berkeley Alpert/White Rice Renteria/Witt
San Diego State Hitomi/Pryor-Landman Minnesota Kearney/Kivimaki
Pacific Garcia/Sandhiparthi Berkeley Chakladar/Fees
Rice Shamanna/Tate Pacific P. Paez/M. Reyes
McKendree Deleel/Garrett Pacific J. Reyes/Smithson
UT Tyler Kumar/Remaley Texas Tech Honea/Taylor
McKendree Postula/Smith UT Tyler Lamborn/Walker
Texas Tech Clay/Crowe Concordia Gleeson/Nowlan

Note: there is 1 bracket break in the first round pairing – the #10 seed UT Tyler Kumar/Remaley was slated to hit the #15 seed UT Tyler Lamborn/Walker.