2021 NPTE topic papers -- feedback phase

Thanks to everyone who submitted an NPTE topic paper – we received a record 25 papers! The next phase in the process is 15 days for the community to review papers and provide feedback to the authors. The “official” way to provide feedback is to create a thread in the NPTE section of Net Benefits (https://net-benefits.net/c/npte/44), and authors are encouraged to keep an eye out for any feedback there. You may also directly message the author with your feedback.

Topic paper authors may revise their papers at any point up until December 15th (you may email updated versions to nptedebate@gmail.com). On December 15th we will release the ballot for the community to vote on which topics will be used at the 2021 NPTE.

Let us know if you have any questions, and thanks again to everyone who took the time to submit a paper!