A call for resignation or removal of DEADMONEY from the position of moderator


I have grown increasingly annoyed by Kyle’s willingness to not only display anti-social behaviors but to, on one occasion, abuse his power as moderator. As this is the case, I ask the community to speak on the issue and for the management team of this discussion group to consider his removal as moderator. I am sure that several people would be willing to volunteer for his position.

First, I refer you to this thread in which Kyle announces the identity of a voter in a poll who expresses an opinion which differs from the community. He apologizes and then suggests that he SHOULD have announced everyone who voted the same way. I find this behavior to be egregious in its violation of privacy and community standards.

Second, I refer you to this thread, in which Kyle attacks Debbie Seltzer, an important member of this community, even if her debate perspective doesn’t match with that of the might national champion. He then ridicules Konrad and David Pena calling them names and behaving like an arrogant jackass.

At this point, I am satisfied that Kyle will be more careful in his actions. I do not feel he needs to be removed and, perhaps, I could have had the same result talking to him directly by PM.