A celebration of life


Last week we lost an extraordinary member of the Oregon Forensics family, Megan Gaffney.

We invite all members of the forensics community to attend an event to honor Megan in her Honors College home on Wednesday, November 20th, in Chapman Hall 301, from 4:00pm to 6:00pm on the campus of the University of Oregon in Eugene. Megan was a student in the Honors College and this event is hosted by the Clark Honors College Student Association.

Megan was a great student, an exceptional debater and teammate, and a person who shared her love of learning and of debate with hundreds of people over the years.

Megan was a fierce competitor who came to Oregon as an accomplished debater who continued to work tirelessly to improve her abilities. She enjoyed incredible success and was a key part of some of the most successful teams in program history.

Everyone who knew Megan appreciates that despite her considerable competitive successes this is not what truly motivated her to participate in debate or to share her love of the activity. If she felt someone was mistaken or their argument lacking, she was not reticent to say so, but as only the first of many steps of discussion and argument and teaching and learning, leading to a better understanding.

Megan was a leader on the Oregon team, helping recruit new members and inspiring others to succeed through her example and her teaching. Our team is immeasurably stronger for her efforts.

Megan was also a national leader committed to making debate a better home for everyone, especially for women, through her work with the Women?s Debate Institute and in her tireless efforts to help address inequities in forensics. Our community is much better, and becoming better still, because of efforts she helped lead.

Everyone who loves debate will miss Megan but we will, for years to come, reap the benefits of her efforts and our good fortune to know her.

University of Oregon Forensics is making a donation in Megan’s name to the Women’s Debate Institute. We encourage others moved by Megan?s passing to make their own donations to WDI in her memory.

Those of us in Megan’s debate family have her mother, father, brother and the rest of her family in our thoughts and prayers.

Please join us this Wednesday in Eugene to celebrate the life of a remarkable person.

Oregon Forensics