All ten debaters?


I would like to thank the panel, the opposition, and all the ridiculous dramatic debaters from whom I stole elements of this speech. (Find all ten for a prize!)

Are there ten?
Anyone notice any quirks of a particular debater embedded into her speech?


I might have been confusing; I didn’t mean ten real debaters, by name. I mean there’s a number of silly debate tricks I threw in there to make fun of people who say stuff like that:

  1. “Clearly, [opponent] is so [offensive thing] that he has to imply [more bad stuff]” – Pretty standard accusation form.

  2. “cryptonormative” – that was a straight up Jenni deRuosi shout-out.

  3. “balls – OR ovaries --” I’ve heard people say this, especially Bonnie Stapleton- and I thought it was highly amusing.

  4. “dissent and democratic exchange” – standard “discourse” boilerplate

  5. “Habermas Foucault Derrida Chomsky Levinas” – Special shoutout to Justin Racette, but all other philosophy sound-bite spewers too. :slight_smile:

  6. “Endorse micro-political action” – that’s for Long Beach, though not exclusive.

  7. Matt Contreras/dehum v. death – Hee.

  8. [Opponent] wants us to live in a world where [members of Bush Admin] do [terrible evil things] – Yeah, everyone does that.

  9. “cross-apply the PMC pre-empt” – One of those things of which you can’t decide it’s strangely cool or incredibly moronic.

  10. [I love/am BFF with] [opponent], but he is a [string of insults] – If you don’t think this one’s real, you never saw Jeff Edwards, on at least 2 occassions, simultaneously talk about how cool Owen and I were, but how we were shitty debaters (in that round). Oh yeah, once Ryan Knowles did it to me too, which was comedy.


So really, these were SoCal shout outs?

Rob :slight_smile:


If by Socal you mean, socal, norcal, wyoming, colorado. . .


Why yes, that’s exactly what I meant.

  1. [Opponent] wants us to live in a world where [members of Bush Admin] do [terrible evil things] – Yeah, everyone does that.

Hey, speak for yourself.

Oh wait, I do Bush-bash in a shameless appeal for votes in at least a third of my rounds. Dang, I must have been panopticon-ized or something.

Patrick McKenzie