Anonymous accounts

So, one of our newly signed up anonymous users turned up a problem with our system. Specifically, by moving these users into the “TisiasCorax” group, they were prevented from modifying their profile information - in other words, if they actually did decide to put their name on the account, they couldn’t actually do so. That’s a problem (obviously).

I have created a new user group: Anonymous Users. Any new account that is a. not a bot and b. doesn’t have a way to easily figure out who it is should be put into this user group, instead of being put into tisiascorax like we were doing.


PS: “easily figure out who it is” I don’t think automatically means “have to have first and last name in name fields” - If they put down that their first name is Patrick, and that they are from Washington University - that’s probably enough to figure out who they are. Likewise, if they leave the name and school fields blank, but have “Patrick McKenzie” as their username - I’m thinking that’s not exactly an anonymous account ;).