Call for NPDA VP nomination



As you know, our community faces many challenges, as have many forensics organizations both past and present. These challenges ask us to put forth our collective brilliance and effort. We have proven ourselves adept at discussing problems in rounds, online, and in business meetings. “Bottom-up” solutions as well as solutions “from the sides” are valuable and needed. They are not, however, exclusive with policy solutions. In fact, I believe the only way to thrive is to include all of them. We need to better understand our norms, to change where needed, to help each other understand why, and we need a formal structure to moderate differences, interact in a formal capacity with the outside world, and establish parameters for the activity like flex time, etc. We need people willing to serve the community in a formal capacity so that we can address change.

Please consider running for or nominating a candidate for Vice-President of the NPDA. The term starts after NPDA 2019.

Being an officer is a tremendous opportunity to serve the community in a meaningful way. Without these gifts of time and effort, the organization simply would not exist.

Please send nominations to me at by 5:00 pm Central, 12/1.



Just a reminder: Please send nominations to me at by 5:00 pm Central, 12/1.