Catfight audience


I was deleted. Fascist.


What happened? confused


Brendo had ignored rule #6 and posted on the Catfight thread. I deleted that post. He made another one (listed above). So this time I just created a discrete thread for all audience commentary/etc.


If free speech were to be outlawed, then only criminals will be idiots.


Free speech is not relevant to the headcount.

Catbert enjoys being a fascist. We have the coolest hats. And boots. Definitely gotta love the boots.


Does that make you a puss in boots?

Patrick McKenzie


Only if I can get with Fiona.


Ogre Fiona or Hot Fiona?


Puss in Boots was the best character in the movie. Aw those eyes…


"Pray for mercy from…PUSSSSS…in boots!

(thread hijak)



Ogre Fiona or Hot Fiona?

Perm, do both.


whoa Catbert’s breaking out the catnip early folks :wink:


whoa Catbert’s breaking out the catnip early folks

And Patty is breaking out the rod. BAD CATBERT … naughty kitty.


ps Remember patty I am always here to represent you in the divorce proceedings I’ll fleece Jason for all he has got (which of course may only be two star trek ship models, a slinky, and some tie-died T-Shirts)


Seriously, Veggy, if you are going to post a link that is not safe for work, please say so next to the link. A chunk of us have office jobs with bosses that would not be overly happy after reading your post and I am sure an unhappy boss will cause an unhappy employee to give you an unhappy vote.


Poor kitty in the jar

But yes please warn about the links


I don’t know what I’m gonna do about voting, but zombies, Asterix and Obelisk refences, and a kitty in a beer glass…

damn, that shit is stupid fly.


sorry. i got caught up in the jamz


Awesome, I get to be the arch-nemesis.


dehumanization of kittens leads to kitten slavery?!?!? hmmmmm

are there subliminal messages in these ads…?


I’d rather dehumanize a kitten than declaw it.


How can you dehumanize a kitten? It was never a fucking human to begin with! It’s dehumanized by nature.

But, :hearhear to not declawing cats. That’s just fucked up.


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