Catfight audience


Kyle, reading your language makes me believe you see a fundamental difference between kittens and humans. They are just as human as the rest of us.



LMAO I was hoping something along these lines would start

On a brighter note… kudos to Stanford (matt) for a creative letter… I was trying to figure out what was up until you clarified after the letter how it was supposed to be read :wink: I like it :slight_smile:


That poor kitty stuck in the jar… :frowning:



Fine, I admit it. If thinking that a kitten is not a human makes me an anthropocentrist, I’ll take that label.




If were giving kudos then I wish to give one to jed’s mp3 speech. The whole thing was very creative and seemed like it probably took awhile to create. Plus, the kittens segment was hilarious.



You know what they say about anthropocentrists right Kyle? :wink:


Does the fact that I think the kitten is kind of cute in the jar make me a sick person?


No, having your panties as an avatar does that. Liking the kitten in the jar just makes you more so.



Hey now. Stannard says those panties stopped a war or something. I’m just doing what I can for mankind… I mean personkind. :wink:


Look i got nothing against panties an avatar usually, but just knowing there yours i think is what truly bugs me. And I wouldn?t call scaring nerds into hiding a good enough link to stopping war.

All in jest,



Lucy, I really hope you don’t buy all men’s lines that easily. . .


At Amy: Laughs I try to be selective :angel

At Tiny: raises eyebrow – Uh huh. Changing topic away from my panties and back to the kitten.

Oh she’s so cute…


It has been suggested by an anonymous party that in response to Amy’s suggestion that I might be easy, I post a few of my best “Ice Bitch” moments from camp. Fair enough:

I slammed a door in a guys face, he just wanted to talk. Oops

I threatened to mace a few people, to be fair there’s only so many times you can say no before action is warranted.

I made a guy cry.

I publicly mocked a guy who hit on me repeatedly.

I used my best smile and cleavage to get drinks with no intent of giving him anything.

and I flirted ruthlessly with no follow through

There you go my anonymous friend. I have refuted being easy, and given people a reason to laugh, or plot ways to kill me. Eh … take your pick.

  • Lucy

Edit: put list back.


Wasn’t an easy claim Lucy, if anything it was teasing stannard. . . .sorry to have caused. . .well, whatever.


Oh well, if that’s who we’re mocking… go for it. I’ll just edit a few things. No harm no foul.


I wonder if google cached it…



I put it back


A full day and no other finalist has posted? You guys suck.



Update: You continue to suck.



Look at the brightside. Maybe you’ll win due to lack of options.