Catfight audience


Its alright Dan, you know I’m good for posting so you’ll have some competition. All of the others seem to have engaged their cloaking devices.

Patrick McKenzie


Me as well. I’m just busy and need some more time to give the people the post that they deserve. :slight_smile:


ok, Andrea does not suck.

The rest of you have less than 18 hours to change my mind.



Well, folks it’s about 4 AM, and my speech is currently 500 words over-limit. I’m gonna go to bed now, and you can expect the speech to come in tomorrow before the deadline.


The thread has been split and content moved to “judging pool,” which is kinda our holding area for posts like this.

A post was made that served to act outside the realm of the purposes of this thread, and it and its subsequent responses will be shown after the game is over.


WHOO-HOO, it’s over!



I hear. Believe me, I hear.