Cedarville Philosophy Program

Hello friends and fellow members of the debate community,

I’m creating this thread to encourage all of you to support the Cedarville philosophy program. The university has announced plans to cut the major with “faculty reductions” to recoup costs. This is ostensibly for financial reasons, but the arguments made are incoherent as the department turns a profit and our two philosophy professors sell more credit hours per-faculty than almost any other department that doesn’t have a gen-ed class.

Students and alumni have started a number of protest measures. We’ve begun a petition that you can sign at http://action.groundswell-movement.org/petitions/restore-critical-thought-to-cedarville-university and a blog that you can contribute to at http://ourcuprotest.wordpress.com/. The office of the Academic Vice President can be contacted at (937) 766-7770. I’d also encourage you to spread word of the protest to individuals at your schools, especially graduate programs, who may be able to offer support and raise awareness.

These are trying times at Cedarville, and any support you can offer would be much appreciated. Thanks for reading.