Election, Removal, and Constraints on Moderators


With the change in site layout and ownership, it’s become unclear which of the old site policies have persisted. I’d therefore like to know:

  1. What are the rules governing election and removal of moderators?

  2. Are there substantive constraints on what moderators may do, beyond their moderation policy?

Many thanks. I assume that Jake is the best one to answer this.


Unfortunately, Patrick has already made clear that he will not intervene under any circumstances to moderator abuse. I suppose we could test this by fulfilling the conditions of moderator impeachment and seeing if he actually respects the will of the subscribers in that instance.

When Ken went above and beyond both his own campaign pledge and the textually outlined moderator powers, Patrick basically said he didn’t care. Of course, Ken backed off, so I’m not sure how Patrick would have reacted had an impeachment actually been carried out. I’d certainly be willing to test this, though.


right. I keep losing track of who has ultimate ownership authority over the site. OK, well, let’s give it a try and see if the machinery of impeachment still works.

I do think these policies should be posted somewhere plainly, though. There was a link on the old site that appears to have been lost in the transition. there are major rule of law virtues in having these sorts of things posted where anyone can read them.


http://www.net-benefits.net/mod.html ?


That is indeed the mod policy. Its in the same place its always been in – the link on the left hand of the old site vanished when the template changed. I’ll update the template accordingly when I have a moment free at home.


Thank you, Patrick, and thank you Mike.


It is now linked at the bottom of every page on the site. (Look for “Mod Policy”… anywhere).