ENDGAME Litterbox #1 -- PFuhrman v DB8 MissingLink


Gov: PFuhrman
Opp: DB8 MissingLink

Judges: Speaknsmile, bmathey, CCBrat

Deadline: 6pm, Wed

Resolution: Life Is a Lemon And I Want My Money Back






i’m here, let me go opp jed, seriously.


that is hilarious.


Seriously, I won’t debate my boy Jed until i’m opp. i have this thing about being gov in august.


Of curiosity, when is this debate going to begin?


apparently not at all. Jed seems content to just wait it out, which is what I would do too.


Perhaps, but as of right now, Catbert is not entirely convinced that we might not have a dual forfeit here. I would need to see some evidence that the other debater had been present and willing to participate during the entire period of the debate before I would be confident in assigning blame to only one of the debaters for failure to complete the round.


Since it is now impossible for the round to complete on time, I am declaring a forfeit. PFuhrman is eliminated.


Thanks, Phil, I appreciate all the gratitude.

Now, as you leave the Litterbox, open wide – Catbert has a present for you.


jed, i didn’t care about sides man, as you can tell I was just sick of the game.


I think we could all tell you didn’t want to get up the energy to try to do a round where people have requested you not just insult your opponent and judge.


And Cait is spared the effort of thinking. All things considered, that’s for the best.


So you can conserve your thinking for our practice round? :stuck_out_tongue:


Originally posted by DB8 MissingLink
Would I have debated him if I needed to? Hell yes. I debated Stein while I was packing to move across the country…

jEd [/B]

was I just too drunk to remember debating your or are you talking about a different stein?


Maybe he means mallen?





I dig that new sig, where’s it from?


My friend had a tshirt with the first two quotes and a second friend from Reed disussed the first two and added the third (though he did not generate it - got it from somewhere else).