ENDGAME Litterbox #2 -- pdano v AhhAlegra


Hey, is that a ballot? :slight_smile:


Four relevant conditions were met in this round:

  1. A double win was advocated at one point by one of the debaters
  2. Catbert, being evil, interpreted this advocacy as a procedural appeal
  3. Catbert was also massively entertained
  4. All judges independantly and unanimously agreed, thus meeting Catbert’s ad hoc test for procedural intervention

Accordingly, the result of this round is a double win. Both debaters will advance to The Catfight.

Full ballots will be posted later


Dre/Dano ballot
Well, the thing is, no one asked me for a judging philosophy, and I haven’t judged yet, although asking was far from taboo. The only thing I can default to is the reason I told everyone I was helping administer the game this year, and that was “sounds like fun”. The name of my summer has been fun, the last fun I have before I’m shipped off to drudgering summer firm jobs and studying for the bar. After that, of course, work. Every summer. For the rest of my life. Blech.

But enough about me. The point is, I said I wanted to have fun. And you know what? This was a damn fun round. Both sides had about an equal hand in pandering to me. Dan and Dre’s song repotoire (BTW, for those who don’t know, it was “Therapy”, “Light My Candle”, “Anything You Can DO”, “Do You love me?”, “I remember it well”, and “Come What May”), to fun meta-references to debate people, shit-talking between a great couple, to quotes all over the place from various forms of entertainment that I enjoy. (And BOTH referencing family guy!).

All this made up for the fact that I don’t know jack about starcraft, haven’t played it, and may not ever play it, although it sounds like fun, I just don’t need another life-sucking activity (poker is doing nicely for now). Scattering the gory, the strategy, the anthropomorphism, and the many very good points about the game out on a table, I might be able to come up with a winner. But there’s no way to know with the same certainty as these guys without playing for myself.

So, it’s apples and apples. This can only say one thing to me. Catbert’s ways are wild and evil, and I have been authorized to grant a double win in this round.

so I do.

Congrats to both, and happy DORKDOM!!


Congrats to you both :slight_smile:






Jason and I played about seven games of Starcraft tonight to celebrate this round. It was good.


That giant scraping sound you hear is the barnacles falling off my ossified Starcraft skills.



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[B]looking forward to being eliminated ASAP. [/B]


I’m not sure of the scenario by which Jed believes that colloboration would be either possible or productive. Even if they wanted to collaborate, Catbert’s design of the Catfight is far too evil to make it effective. :evil