ENDGAME -- The Litterbox


Winning immunity are:
Alan Tauber

But the rest of Jed’s reward challenge kicks in. DB8 MissingLink chooses to strip pdano of immunity.

Elimination this week will be done in “the Litterbox” – a series of 4 simultaneous debate rounds in front of panels. As the final part of his reward, DB8 MissingLink chose two of these pairings (although not the judging panels – those are solely Catbert evil).

Here are the pairings and panels:

PFuhrman v DB8 MissingLink (Speaknsmile,bmathey,CCBrat)
pdano v AhhAlegra (Western Amy,ISamuel,pattybar)
patio11 v steinguitar (Tom H, Mark McD, LWBeauclair)
Stanford v tinytall (Dog Day Prophet, Arabian Knight, The Rev)

Details for each round are in the corresponding thread.


I’ll be frank, having seen (for a weekend) how difficult it is for them to manage both debating with only one computer between them, I’m not sure you alleviated some big unfair advantage they had.

I make no moral judgment on what you did Jed, but two people living together isn’t always an advantage.


looks through the LDS rules

Nope, nothing requiring fairness between competitors.


Uhhhh, I dont’ think either Jed nor I claimed that there was any violation of any rules.


Whatever. It’s lame, but it had to happen sometime. We’re not a monolithic block and we never have been. It would be easy and efficient for us to just pick a winner and have the other person concede the round, but screw that, we’re debating, and this is more fun anyway.

The non-seriousness of the topic, besides just being cool, was one way to alleviate the total impossibility of researching opposite arguments on the same damn computer. And if Dan saved his unfinished LO, would I read it while he’s in the bathroom? Oh yeah.

Basically, I think you’re all going to miss having both of us around. There is much fist-shaking around here.

All the other prime ministers this week suck, by the way. Let’s see some action, guys.



Originally posted by AhhAlegra
[B]All the other prime ministers this week suck, by the way.[/B]

sniffle What did I ever do to you? :wink:

[size=1]Edit to add a wink, so that people wouldn’t take this too seriously.[/size]


Well, no one except Phil currently sucks, as all the other debates are well underway. :slight_smile:


FOR THIS ROUND ONLY if a debate fails to complete on time and the responsibility for that failure lies with both debaters, then both debaters will be eliminated.


Catbert is getting even more evil… I find it sexy


Do the judges get to decide if both parties were at fault :wink:


No – Catbert is done delegating his powers. Well, unless something evil comes up. Or I feel like it. Or someone pets my soft, furry belly.


I have yummy cat treats… and lots of toys… not to mention a giant cat house with several heated cat beds :wink:

And two cat servants Scratch and Runt who will serve your every whim


“Catbert is getting even more evil… I find it sexy”