Final round ballots


Ballot from steinguitar:

one’s for the one and only DRE
who drops the rhymes and the science that astonishes me
picking up the two’s got to be my man dan
he gots the arguments, the comments, and he kicks out the jams
for my third slot - i go to go stanford
his school may suck but the name’s kicking ass, now…
let’s pump it, pursue it to the next slot,
give patrick four and we’re headed to the five spot
yo jenny, i got to say i dug the links
but that don’t matter if you stab when i blinks
now marking someone sixth is a hell of a choice
but jed’s brings the pain - it’s from hearing his voice
you lay down the beats and you write the rhymes
but your flow’s so weak it sounds like a mime’s
i mean, i ain’t gonna tell you that I can rap
but your lines move like molasses and they sound like crap
still link ain’t the worst cuz there’s alan to judge
and since you stuck a shiv in dan’s back, from this spot you won’t budge.

to summarize
7. alan - stabbed dan in the back. dan was my boy.
6. jed - also stabbed dan, plus the rhymes sucked
5. jenny - stabbed me in the back
4. stanford - representing the norcal love
3. pat - i enjoyed debating him, so i’m giving him a high rank
2. dan - he’s my boy.

  1. dre - she’s my girl. and has the illest rhymes.


Ballot from syphonhail:

  1. Stanford - His use for the DVDs appears to be most egalitarian and he was an ally for the limited amount of time I played the game. If it was based on posts alone, I would probably give this to Jed, but I have to privilage an ally who will buy me a drink (probably would have bought me a drink no matter what) and is trying to establish the intellectual bankrupt activity of parliamentary debate at the high school level.

  2. Jed. His posts were hella funny. His goal for what to do with the money (compensate NB costs) is also very egalitarian and so he gets a vote. If Stanford didn’t ally with me since the beginning then I think I would give Jed his one-spot.

  3. pdano - Ally that would have kept in the game if the mods didn’t make a last minute decision to switch judges. Posts were a bit spunky.

  4. Alan Tauber - was probably the most symbolic ally as he changed the name of my club to its rightful name. I think you deserve a higher ranking but your posts were not as compelling, so you are competing with 2 other allies and a really persuasive speech and you get the short end; however, I would have probably trusted you to the end, if I didn’t get snipped out.

  5. Patrick - lots of moving and witty post, but not notable for most of the game. Plus, you killed Jake early in the game which helped my demise.

  6. Veggy - I like vegatables and Oregon…but I am not sure what you did in this game. Plus, you got rezzed, I am bitter.

  7. Dre - probably would have been ranked a bit higher if you didn’t reveal that you jacked me for political reasons and that you were trying to make life easier for you. I mean, it would be a bit more compelling if you said “I kept Jed in for the competition and I will still triumph” but being strategic gets the obvious low vote from me. Thankfully for you, I don’t have as much of a determinant in your fate as you did mine.


Ballot from propz:

  1. Stanford (Because he bribed me generously )
  2. vegetethalas (Because she bribed me mildly)
  3. Alan Tauber (appeared to be holding the cards)
  4. Patio11 (appeared to be holding SOME cards, even if he was Alan’s bitch)
  5. pdano (oher debaters pointed out how weak he was)
  6. AhhAlegra (rode in on the back of pdano…making her even weaker)
  7. DB8 Missinglink (couldn’t even get his @#$^ing MP3 to open)


Ballot from LWBeauclair:
1- Patio11: Because curiosity killed the cat and I want him to PM me about why I was awarded “the man” status, and he said he would if I voted for him *Note: I want a PM not public posting … just in case being the man isn’t in fact a good thing. * Because “it amuses me greatly that I know a debater who would admit, in public, to thinking that Bush is the best president since FDR”. And because the country assignment in the rebuttal is sweet.

2-AhhAlegra: Gotta love the Uterus. I give her major kudos on the creativity of the rap. Plus she was willing to bash her boy to get some votes, all while referring to him as sweetie. Got to appreciate that kind or strategy.

3- I hear that power couples are in this year, so next up is pdano: Got to love the straight up bashing of the other opponents. Some very solid “you all suck, here’s why” analysis … which I will use later in my rankings.

4-DB8 MissingLink: The MP3 was almost cool enough for the two; but it gave my computer hissy fits, so you lost some points.

5- Alan Tauber: He admits to playing dirty “yea I stabbed people in the back” but also trys to play the “I’m a nice guy” card. A bit disjointed but it’ll get him the 5.

6- Stanford: Despite being a terrible critic (well at least once) you are reasonably funny. The cat hostage thing was cute. But you don’t really make and arguments as to why I should vote for you. You just try to bribe me. Bribery does not a convincing argument make.

7-Vegetathalas: your posts are just strange, and the links are like someone said “not work friendly.” Plus I think Dan has a point when he says. “Jenny?s tried to make it through this game by being nice to everyone. That’s admirable, but it doesn’t make her the best. She hasn’t shown any great debate ability, winning one and losing one. No one else here has lost a debate, and she only got back in because only three people wrote complete entries for the three resurrection slots.” That says it I think.


Ballot from Western Amy:

  1. pdano (I really do think he worked harder at it than dre, although it was very close)
  2. ahhalegra (very hot, this is true)
  3. DB8MissingLink (just more off the radar than the other two guys, seriously)
  4. alan tauber (don’t assume and then say I misinformed you. i did no one any favors, and telling people i did got on my nerves, especially when i told you otherwise. i got no benefit from letting you believe you got your way from me than my own amusment. oh, and you got two of your three requests, not all three)
  5. patio11 (really unclear about your motivations for. . .well, anything)
  6. stanford (you’re a nice guy, but you can be a bit much at times, and i don’t really like that reading every other line crap, not very original way to just say mean things)
  7. vegetathalas (loveya jenny, but yawn)


Ballot from Kissable Kate:

7.pat:If I ranked you 1, then I wouldn’t disappoint the kitty, but Jenny’s kitty would stay in the jar. Notnly are you trying to use the kitty to hurt another kitty, but you’re trying to use the kitty to hurt other people.
6.Jenny:You put the kitty in the glass. No matter if I vote you or Patrick or Matt first, somewhere a kitty is going to get hurt because I can’t put you all first.
5. Stanford:While you saved those kitties in your last post from being held hostage in someone’s basement, you advocate that I should vote you first even though that would hurt the kitties that Jenny and Patrick talk about.
4.dan:You make a big deal about debating a lot and how the game should be about that and not about politicking, but then you make an even bigger deal about how you forged an alliance to break up an alliance. I’m too tired to figure out what you really meant.
3.Dre:I’ve never seen you, so I don’t know if you’re hot. I think Matt and Jed were more creative than you were. But you didn’t threaten kitties or confuse me.
2.Alan:If what Jenny is saying is true about how you were playing two alliances against each other, then that’s awesome. Somehow you managed to stay in the game even though your “allies” all knew you were playing them. That shows a lot more skill than I’m seeing out of the rest of these folks. I was going to rank you first until I broke down and made my lazy self listen to Jed’s speeches.
[B]1.Jed[/B]I tried finding someone who had already listened. I was unsuccessful. So instead of just arbitrarily ranking you:Hajeer shouldn’t have power. Props for the West Wing music.Mario is way cooler than Starcraft. Zombies do make everything cooler. But what you won my vote with was the exploitation of the kitties. Everyone keeps threatening them and it makes me want to cry. I’m glad that someone stuck up for the kitties. Those people that threaten and dehumanize them suck. Kitty slavery is a bad, bad thing.


Ballot from RLayne:


7- Jed
I don?t appreciate that he didn?t put me back in the game. Awhhh?that?s too bad. It would have been an easy 1, but now it?s an easy 7. Further, this is a written forum?your MP3?s suck. I kinda find it antithetical to the spirit of the forum.

6- Stanford
Dude,I was the one that broke your alliance. During Hajeer?s debate,I got Jake to knock him out breaking that alliance up. While I respect you being in longer than you should?you definitely shouldn?t win.

5- Andrea
If I have to hear one more comment about your uterus, I?m gonna puke. I have no respect for players that can?t play by themselves. I mean you have your own uterus?why can?t that be enough? But, you played with your boyfriend?what would have been more interesting is if you had actually gone for Dan?s throat. That would have hurled you from 5 to 1.

4- Alan
You played me? LOL. I had you figured out in week 2. Jenny had to convince me to keep you many times. I nearly had you booted during Jenny?s debate. I give you points for actually entering into an alliance with me?and everyone else, but that doesn?t get me to give you more than fourth.

3- Patrick
You get some points for being in the MO Alliance. But man, if I had to read one more debate about Japan, I was gonna puke. You were inconsistent during debates and got saved on at least one of them only because it was fixed in your favor. Moreover, you were really inconsistent in the alliance. If you would held out a little more, then you have been my two.

2- Dan
Dude, I have to give you points for at least having to read my initial LO. You had to bear the brunt of a lot of debates. I think you made the wrong decision to go after me?and we?ve discussed that. The SC debate proved to me that you were your own person and deserve a high ballot order.

1- Jenny
I stay true to my original alliance. I should have saved you in the Alan debate?for my penance, I vote you number one. Congrats.

Rob Layne


Ballot from Brendo:

  1. Pdano
  2. AhhAlegra
  3. DB8 MissingLink
  4. Patio11
  5. Vegetathalas
  6. Alan Tauber
  7. Stanford


The fact is, I approached this game with a disturbingly apathetic strategy. The only effort that I would expend at all would be to ensure that I wasn’t forced to debate, relying on good relationships in my clubs and my (addimittedly questionable) reputation as a debater to keep me out of the fighting ring.

And yeah, it sorta worked. My first club was bolstered by a trusted relationship with Dre, and teh pleasant surprise taht I would not, in fact, have to knife Patrick and force him into debating Glenn, myself or Dre. The one round I did argue (a default target by immunities and circumstance), was obviously a half-assed attempt to jog circles around the opponent. The fates aligned and lo and behold, I advanced.

In the second club, I made the silly mistake of not organizing my own alliances and instead joining up with whom I saw as the biggest competition- Stanford and Jed. Of course, when I was forced into the round (again due to sefault immunities of my alliance members), I simply didn’t have it in me to run a coherrent round, and was soundly thrashed.

Hey, I had it coming.

Why do I re-cap my own experiences in this game, betraying the identity of my allies, backstabbing machinations, and overall ineptitude of my own skills at this game?

Partly in reverence of my surviving club members’ talents and abilities, but mostly because I fucking love to hear myself talk.

Stoking my own ego is pretty much why I’m here anyway, right?

And thus, my judging criteria was simple: I would vote for whomever referenced me directly the most in thier final appeals.

Of course, the only one to actually reference me was dan, and in a passing, non-commital-to-my-own-brilliance kinda way, but I still reward him the first rank.

After that, I give Dre points for her overall finese in playing ALL aspects of LDS, from debate to politic, and being the only othe rplayer entertaining enough to warrant a double win. Ultimately, this placed her just ahead of Jed, whose creativity and humor in the MP3s gave him third (even though he was waaaay over word count!)

The remaining players were ranked randomly- except for Stanford. This is because when Stanford used my name, he actually used the incredibly impersonal and borderline-insulting “you” function, which I hate, find annoying, and will punish.

This is because I am a vindictive asshole, and he was bumming me out.

Great game by all, but let this serve as a lesson for everybody: You could all do with a little more Brendo in your lives.


Ballot from Speaknsmile:

1 - Stanford

RFD: He’s from Northern California thus I would definitly benefit from the offer for free drinks… in addition and more importantly, voting for Matt means voting for newbies and I am all about the expansion of this community. Plus I like the use of kittens.

2 - Alan Tauber

RFD: Bar Exam and no vacation immunity… damn that’s crazy

3 - patio11

RFD: One of the focuses of my major was the Japanese political system… I dig it!

4 - AhhAlegra

RFD: The rap was cute but I don’t play Starcraft so I couldn’t give a fly’s tounge.

5 - pdano

RFD: I hate alliance talk since no one invited me in so I’m only giving dan and andrea 4th and 5th because I feel bad for the computer.

6 - DB8 MissingLink

RFD: I liked the first set of ads but the jeopardy game bored me and everyone else in the Comm computer lab… I had to apologize… I don’t like apologizing.

7 - Vegetathalas

RFD: The effort wasn’t there, I don’t know what the bribe she offers is, and I don’t like reading long paragraphs… also as mentioned before – alliance talk bores me. Finally, I don’t have any promise that no kitten was hurt in the creation of her plea and that kitten in a glass looks pained.


Ballot from ISamuel:

Ranks first, then the RFD.

Alan Tauber 1
patio11 2
DB8 MissingLink 3
Vegetathalas 4
Stanford 5
AhhAlegra 6
pdano 7

First I will explain my low ranks. I told Dan and Andrea early in the game that I would like it if the two of them, Marie, and myself could be in the finals of the game together. Throughout the time Andrea was in my club and Marie was in Dan’s, we stuck by them both and would have done so until the end. But hey, them’s the breaks, and I sincerely hope this ballot sinks any chance either of them have to win.

In particular, Dan is my low rank because his “virtue” of debating all the time is in my mind indicative of very poor play. Getting called out does not prove anything except that you are not any good at alliance-building. I like you both, but you are not the best players in this game. The reason I voted for the double win was I suspected this final round format and I wanted you to split your support which would other wise be unified. In short, I hoped Dan would be Dre’s Nader.

Stanford is my 5 because he did nothing to impress me but also nothing to offend me.

Jenny is my 4 'cause I like Jenny.

Jed is my 3 because I enjoyed that little MP3 and it was fun to watch him bicker with Dan and Dre.

Pat is my 2 because picking up two Brits is no easy task, and Lucy even less-so. Just ask my cooperative roommate. (Ohhhh BURN!)

And finally, Alan, my #1, because I like Alan.


Ballot from CCBrat:

3-Alan Tauber
2-DB8 MissingLink

RFD: I dig the rhyming and the Family Guy reference, so Dre gets the 1. Jed gets props for an unusual use of media, and the first reference to zombies in the game. I think Alan tended to be funny as all hell. Plus, in his first speech he spared me the effort of having to read extra words. Words are boring.

Dan gets the 4 simply for the Starcraft round.

Vegetathalas- I’m sorry Jenny, but you’re the only one who had to depend on a ressurection of everyone else. Actually, I’m using that as an excuse to help me figure out rankings because this was pretty fucking difficult.

So the 6- I’m impressed with Patrick’s move across the world and his involvement in the game, but man "Because the prize money would help defray the excessive costs of sushi here. " just makes me bitter and jealous that you’re eating sushi in Japan!.

Matt- resorting to bribery is only acceptable if it’s cleverly veiled. The really large, bold letter simply don’t do it for me.


Ballot from pattybar:

1-- Jed: loved the MP3s – lots of thought and work went into them…

2 – Dre: even though I didn’t get the rap bit, the effort gets my ballot.

3 – Dan: cuz I like you and the way you played overall.

4 – Alan: cuz you amuse me

5 – Patrick… not very persuasive

6 – Jenny… because the other 5 beat you

7 – Stanford… kitty use to get votes, at least they should have been your own cats, not cats you found on-line… lame


Ballot from bnm:

My vote goes to Jed.

  1. Jed was targeted quite a bit and continously prevailed.

  2. I like cinnamon Crest toothpast. It makes me happy.

  3. Jed said he would be my friend if I voted for him. He also promised me sex.

  4. I like fun. Jed promised me fun

  5. He exposed the exploitation of the kittens.

No, seriously. I couldn’t decide between Andrea and Dan so I just gave them a double loss. I really didn’t know Vegetha … Matt were in the game, so they lost name recognition. I viewed Alan as a sort of pawn, so that left me with two choices, Jed or Pat. The fact that Jed went to the trouble of making an MP3 was pretty awesome. But my vote went to … Jed.

I think Jed played the game well and he debated very well also. But to me, the game is more about debate than it is about politics.

So, here are the results:

1 – Jed
2.-- Pat
3.-- Dan
4.-- Andrea
5.-- Matt
6.-- Jenny

All of them played an awesome game.

brandi nicole


Ballot from skibum:

  1. DB8 MissingLink

He beat me, so he’s obviously the best. Either that or he pays better bribes…

You’ll never know, and I won’t tell.

There’s six left, how shall I rank them???

  1. Vegethalis

  1. Alan Tauber

  1. Patio11

  1. PDano

  1. AhhAlegra

  1. Stanford


[size=1]Jason, I edited this post to put in my rfd’s, which I knew wouldn’t cut and paste. ;)[/size]


Ballot from Miss Hummingbird:

(1) Alan
(2) Jed
(3) Patio
(4) Jenny
(5) Standford
(6) Dan
(7) Andrea

(1)Alan because he was always loyal and I stand by those that stand by me. We were the central allies that he refers to.

(2)Jed too was loyal altho there were not as many options for him to be helpful. His MP3 was just awesome.

(3 Ditto on the loyality for Patio. It was hard to break the tie between you and Jed but he got more points for being so funny in the final appeal thread.

(4) Jenny: We werem’t really allies in the game that much but I really like you as a person.

The following I ranked in opposite order that I want to win because I hope to use my ranks punitively so that it is harder for them to win.

(5) Stanford – You lied in the game and did not even play that well. I wanted to rank you a 7 but I don’t think anyone will rank you high so I don’t want to waste my low ranks on someone who could win.

(6) Dan – I don’t think you even wanted my vote after you posting in the final appeals thread. You are a cool person and I had a great time at your house but I don’t like the way you played this game. Also, the fact you were in a lot of debates is a reason you were poor at the game not a reason you should win.

(7) Dre – Mostly the same to you (that I said to Dan). You were more likeable in the game but you still did do backstabbing and I’m disapointed in the way you chose to play. I ranked you seven also because I think you have one of the best chances to win and I hope my ballot can counteract that.


Ballot from shea_d:

  1. Stanford

RFD: Former ally.

  1. Patio11

RFD: I couldn’t resist the kitten.

  1. AhhAlegra

RFD: For the many laughs she gave me in the starcraft round.

  1. Vegethalas

RFD: Used a haiku. 'Nuff said.

  1. DB8 Missing Link

RFD: Sure, creative way to argue his position, but…not all that entertaining.

  1. Pdano

RFD: Not very entertaining argument, but certainly a very resilient player.

  1. Alan Tauber

RFD: Sorry, someone had to go here.


Ballot from Arabian Knight:

Stanford: I vote for Stanford for several reasons. Firstly, the misdirection in his letter was awesome. Secondly, free drinks are awesome, especially since we’re in the same district. Thirdly, free drinks are awesome, especially since we’re in the same district.

Vegetathalas: I vote for Veggie because I think its unlikely she’ll win and so I want to keep it close. Also, like her avatar says, don’t settle for the lesser evil, vote Cthulhu.

Alan Tauber: Crossapply Vegetathalas analysis. Also, cribbage victories are awesome, even if cribbage sucks.

patio11: The man behind the NSA algorithms deserves to be in the Top 5 because I’m stealing his Koseki case.

DB8 MissingLink: Because the first MP3 was awesome, although I was a little disappointed with the second MP3.

pdano: Because Protos are way better than humans.

AhhAlegra: Because she defended humans and made no reference to humyns. Also, because I wanted to steal her smallpox case but after seeing Travis rip the case up I figured it was a bad idea.


Ballot from Soon2bMD:

#1. DB8MissingLink
Not only were his mp3’s HILLARIOUS, but he seemed to make the most convincing arguments for himself (put his own money into the site, the trials and hardships of his move, and just all around seemingly playing the game smarter than the other players), but his arguments against the other players I also thought were convincing enough to award him my ballot.

#2. Vegetathalas
What can I say? I’m a sucker for Haiku. No, but seriously, this girl has gotten all the way to the final seven by “being nice”. While many of the finalists mock at this, I view it as a positive thing. I’m sure a lot of “nice” players are still in the kitty litter, but she had to be smart to still be there and only win half of the debates. I think this took more skill than most will give her credit for.

#3. Alan Tauber
To do well with alliances and still come down to the final seven, is not a simple task. Most who engaged in alliances were stabbed in the back and/or got voted off because of their alliances. He managed to not only get through the alliances, but get through without having to stab anyone in the back. Again, there?s something to be said about being able to come this far and still be ?nice?.

#4. Patio11
I liked Patrick, a lot. But it just didn?t seem like he was around all that much. Yeah, yeah, Japan-shmapan. When he was there, he was good, but just not as much of a presence as the other players. J Plus, he used kittens. Being that I am completely against de-humanizing kittens, this was a voter for me.

#5. pdano
Dandrea, um, I mean Dan? admitted to giving cases and collaborating with AhhAlegra. I?m not surprised that these two are both in the final round. Being able to essentially control two votes/debaters simultaneously gives him a huge advantage. While I liked some of his stuff (obviously the starcraft round was awesome), that would have never have happened without Jed?s intervention. Plus its easy to be funny when you don?t care who wins (pdano or ahhalegra), because either way you?re guaranteed half the prize.

#6. Stanford
I will not be at nationals (or any other tourney this year) so his drink offer means nothing to me. Other than that, he offers very little. He did not seem to have extremely tough debates and his presence was minimal. There was nothing that just stood out about this player to award him the LDS award. PLUS he absolutely ABUSED kittens in his rebuttal. I?m using my vote to discourage this kind of reckless behavior and pure thoughtlessness. FREE THE KITTENS!!!

#7. AhhAlegra
ahhh ahhalegra. Her responses were cute (especially the dre song, I?m an LBCer myself ) Her reasoning on why she should win seemed to spawn from the fact that she is hot, clever, and um? was that it? I think it was. Oh, could rap too. On these points, I feel that Jed takes my ballot in all three of these categories. I think he?s the hottest! His responses were definitely the most clever, in my opinion, and the rap?. Don?t even get me started. I?ll be singing that song for days now. :wink: Now that all three of her voting points are moot, I have nothing left to vote on for her.


Ballot from t2k:

*I was not sure if i was supposed to give a reason for decision for every person, but i didn?t want my ballot getting thrown out so i gave a reason for all of them. I first ranked them and then went down the list on how i voted. ENJOY!
2-alan Tauber

The Reasons (in order of ranking from first to seventh):

Jed- Before i talk about why i voted for Jed it should be understood i didn?t even know who he was before the last round. In all fairness, i was very disappointed Phil didn’t debate him in semis and move on to finals, but such is life. I voted based on people’s arguments and the creativity involved in them. Unlike everyone else’s reasons Jed went and created a sound bite. This to me was very creative and appeared to be time consuming. I assume it must take a great amount of time to put something like that together and anyone who goes through that kind of trouble deserves to win. He then beats dre’s cool rap by actually creating a song called “why dre”. This to me was the breaking point. Going through the trouble of making the sound bites and also debating while traveling weighs heavily in my mind. Dre tells me to vote on style and i do: I voted Jed because he had the best.
Alan- Alan is accused of being the machine of the game. When he refutes it he talks about it being all strategy. I personally buy that and think it was great. I believe that if a person is a machine they would be turned off before finals, but Alan is still around. Also, I buy Alan?s argument about his constitutional skills; he has them and i envy that. :slight_smile: All in all, i think Alan played the game well. By playing as a machine he got to finals and deserves to be in top three for staying this long.
Dre- It should be noted that after the first round of speeches in the final round i had dre and Dan as my one and two. So what happened? Well, Jed out did dre with his own rap and second they offended me. I thought that their “flame war” was lame and i wished it didn’t have to come to that. I didn’t dock dre as much as i did Dan because she didn’t appear to start it; only keep it going. I thought her skills were shown and i think that she is a very outgoing debater, but i think she should have stuck to being clever and witty and not diverting to just putting others down.
Jenny- I think the fact jenny made it to finals after already being eliminated says something. Also, she showed a lot of creativity with her pictures. Jenny is talked about skating through on immunities, i say so what? All that shows is that she knew how to play the game and because of that i think she deserves to be at least fourth.
Dan- Dan is docked to fifth because i think that his attacks on Truman were WEAK SAUCE. The idea that the game was more fun without the tough competition is absurd. Dan comes off weak to me because his comments about it being good there gone makes me think that he couldn’t hack it if they had stayed. Anyone who would rather have mediocre players against them then the best in the game is not fit to be the last debater standing.
Patio11- I think that patio’s ability to debate while moving to Japan is truly impressive, but this is the only reason i see to vote for him. I think that his cases were too specific to be beat. Granted this is a strategic move, but it doesn’t show me his ability to debate with the most controversial issues. For that i vote him sixth.
Stanford- I thought his argument about giving all the prizes away was weak because what is the point of winning if your not going to keep the rewards. Plus, it is brought up that he can get the DVD’s for free from other people. At that point, I decide that he doesn?t need the prizes and so if he loses he?ll be ok. That means he only wants to win for the respect, but he used kitties to get that?and?I?m going to shut up before I get a ?TINY HATES KITTENS? thread started.
So, these are my rankings and i hope you enjoyed my explanation.

Tim Kamermayer (T2K)
Codename: Tiny


Ballot from Tom H:

LDS Catfight decision from Tom H

My decision is going to be based on the rules set out by Catbert in his first post on the thread: loosely based on “worlds style” parliamentary debate, and with all speakers Government.

The role of Government speakers in worlds style debate is to affirm the resolution. The first speaker/team has the right to define the resolution in whatever way they see fit, and subsequent speakers on the Gov side must follow that definition and argue for it. They may use new arguments, new examples and new analysis, but they may not come up with a new case. Coming up with a new case as a Gov speaker down the table is a very significant transgression of the rules, and is colloquially known to debaters in worlds style as “knifing”.

Now, to this round.

Patrick came up with a case, which was essentially “Patrick should win this competition”. It wasn’t very imaginative, or well argued, but it was a case.

Everyone else knifed. They knifed Patrick. They even knifed each other. I mean, how many definitions do you need, people?

The rules Catbert laid out were, to me, very clear. Following Patrick’s definition, anyone who had made a speech supporting the resolution, i.e. arguing in favour of a victory for Patrick, was acting within the rules. Anyone who did not, was not.

I therefore have no option but to vote for Patrick, despite his lousy, egocentric and unimaginative case (oh, Patrick, Patrick, you could have run something on Japan again - it could easily have linked to the resolution, and it would have been much more interesting, and you would have known more than anyone else and had a good chance of winning. As it was, you pulled off a technical, dull, win).

Subsequent placings: well, everyone else is guilty of a pretty major transgression, and I’d like to make you all come last, but I’m not allowed to.

Jed: it made me laugh, but it raised questions about unfair use of technology, exclusion and so on. it gets a vote anyway, for being funny.

Alan Tauber: you just didn’t seem to care very much. I admire that.

AhhAlegra: I just don’t like your use of “uh” as a device to make lines scan. Also, the Starcraft round didn’t do it for me as much as it seems to have for everyone else. Still, marks for effort.

Pdano: I’m just not interested in your accounts of alliances and in-game politicking. Should I be?

Vegethalas: very similar to my analysis of Pdano, except that I found it even less interesting.

Stanford: bribery doesn’t impress me, particularly when the chances of his buying me a drink are as minimal as they are, what with living in different countries and all. Stanford’s offer is US-centric, and will lead to nuclear war, genocide, ecocide and the deaths of kittens. And to me not getting a free drink. Clear last.

So, my final ballot is as follows:

1 Patio11
2 DB8 MissingLink
3 Alan Tauber
4 AhhAlegra
5 pdano
6 Vegethalas
7 Stanford