Gee thanks Obama


WASHINGTON – The White House will propose a 1.4 percent military pay increase in 2011, which if approved would be the smallest since the start of all-volunteer military in 1973.

So much for Change we can believe in…can I have Clinton back…even he paid us better.


[QUOTE=Mr. Notlob;221639]1. I like how this thread started off with Ken complaining how he isn’t getting a big enough pay raise and now has morphed into him selflessly championing teachers and fire fighters.

Ken- you complained about the yearly military pay raise not being as large as it should be, but where was your outrage over the massive teacher lay offs and salary cuts we have been experiencing? Teachers are worried about just keeping their jobs, let alone making sure their LEGALLY GUARANTEED yearly pay raise is large enough.[/QUOTE]
Alec…or Mr. cynical…yes I would like to make more and I wish I did for what I do (I am still woefully underpaid for what my civilian counterparts make. But I also don’t want to see my Soldiers in financial hardship either…I can do both.

And I am outraged at what we do to teachers, Cops and Firefighter…sorry I have not started a thread for them but as I said before the military is the only one thats paid on the national level. And in some communities they have actually started to pay More money to these fine professionals…not every community is the same…so you can get off this bandwagon you tried to start.

[QUOTE=Mr. Notlob;221639]2. We shouldn’t discount the role mental illness plays in creating the homeless vet problem. It is absolutely the case that the mental illness services (especially for PTSD) available to vets and active duty personnel is inadequate. Though this isn’t an issue of pay.[/QUOTE]
I don’t think we ever did discount that or any other factor…

[QUOTE=Mr. Notlob;221639]3. Yes, those in the military do risk injury and death, but lets not pretend that they were sent there to defend our freedom or the interests of the American people. Not since WWII has the American military waged a conflict that was actually necessary to defend ourselves. While it may not be pleasant to hear, those in the military risk their lives so politicians can look tough on terror and corporations can pad their bottom line. This is of course a travesty but we shouldn’t delude ourselves into thinking they are are doing something heroic in the same of honoring their sacrifice.[/QUOTE]
So A Taliban bullet is different than a WW II Nazi bullet then? Today’s Soldier isn’t to some point heroic cause its not the Nazi’s? Let us let terrorism run free then…I hope they plant an IED in your driveway…wake up Alec…Hey and why don’t you tell the families of the 7 Dead Medal of Honor recipients that their sons did nothing heroic or tell the one that was actually alive that while you are at it.

[QUOTE=Mr. Notlob;221639]4. Ken, your retirement benefits, while perhaps less than they ought to be, are still far more than most people can expect. Almost everyone lost their 401Ks the market collapsed. Very few companies offer pensions nowadays. When my parents retire in a few years, they will have social security and their savings to live off of.

While it may be the case that soldiers are not treated as well as they ought to be, that doesn’t negate the fact that they are still treated better than almost everyone else in this economy.[/QUOTE]
…and I won’t have a 401K and I retire in 8 years…yeah can you believe it. And with eroding benefits and lessened pay oh and my health care costs will sky rocket compared to what I pay for my family now and my life insurance will sky rocket as well. I will have to get a 2nd job to retire from in order to survive. I don’t get SS for a long time…so in a way they are receiving a benefit I can not. I will retire from active service and instead of retiring like alot of folks do (and admittedly some don’t) I will have to go out and find a gig with no seniority. Alec I think you have zero clue on this entire subject minus that you will post the opposite of anything I say cause you are well…you. Sorry I live this while you take pot shots from the sideline. Oh and I get exposure to your civilian world via my wife that works in the civilian sector and I see the bene’s that she gets from her job…