Host NPDA 2021! Call for bids

Dear Colleagues,

The NPDA site selection committee is soliciting bids for the host of
the 2021 NPDA National Championships. We are looking for proposals that indicate a strong ability to host and that help create
geographical diversity in the location of the national tournament.
Bids should demonstrate a clear ability to fulfill the
duties/responsibilities of the tournament host.

Those requirements are described here:

Schools should feel free to inquire about specific elements of the
hosting responsibilities as some dimensions can be altered/negotiated depending on the nature of the request. Of critical importance is a
clear indication of support from relevant campus administrators at the
department, college, and/or university level at the host institution.

Potential host schools should also feel free to contact members of the
site selection committee for informal input on hosting logistics, etc.

Bids should be submitted to David Worth, at

If you are considering submitting a bid, please let us know early so
that we can recruit potential hosts if there is a limited response,
etc. However, all schools seeking to host must submit a complete
proposal by the deadline.