Internet idea = money?

I think I have a decent idea to make internet cash, but don’t think I have the proper time to spend researching it and implementing it. I figured I would share the idea and maybe someone would be interested.

It’s simple, we cash in on the Chuck Norris/Vin Diesel trend and create an Obama fact generator. The idea would make him into a Jesus figure the way that Chuck norris doesn’t have a chin, but just another fist underneath his beard.

I did some initial goolging and didn’t see anything prominent, so just grab an easily memorable domain name, a script that pulls a random quote from a database to display, a form to allow people to suggest quotes (which one can approve/delete), and then a simple advertisement (google ads?) that is not intrusive.

A few links in blogs (and a few paid advertisements) and there is a cash in on two trends - Obamamania and Messiah-worship. Addtionally, you get lots of hits from anti-Obama people (Clinton/McCainnites) who think it proves a point. Also, you need a host that allows huge traffic and may have scaleable rates.

However, it would have to occur soon as the fever for obama is high. If he goes beyond the democratic primary, it gets bigger support as something that has been around from the “Start” and if he gets beyond the general election, then you have a very longstanding meme that people reflect fondly upon even 7 years from now.

Just an idea…