Introduce yourself

Welcome to Off Case. The old thread was just that…OLD. So lets see who is here these days and introduce yourself to everyone.

I am Ken Dobbe a former Debator from Southern Illinois University and then later at University Missouri ST. Louis. I have almost 20 years debate experience and am now semi-retired from debate. I am Active duty Army and have already done a tour in Iraq. Married with one son and another one on the way (July).

I’m Jack, as you may have gathered.

I debate for UNR.

I had, up until recently, played many video games that leeched my soul.

Also, up until recently, I had been quite apathetic about things - this has not changed.


My name is Cory Freivogel. I debated policy for four years at Belleville East high school in Illinois. I am going to be a sophomore at McKendree College in the fall. I do parli and LD and am majoring in political science. I’m also in Branson, MO on vacation and extremely bored. Awesome.

I’m Debbie Seltzer, and Ive been the DOF at the University of Nevada for two years, after five years of coaching high school debate. My B.A. and M.A. are in history and I have a Ph.D. in education (history and philosophy of, actually).

Waaay back when I was a debater, there was only one kind of debate :wink: I didn’t discover it until my senior year in high school, but I did really well and loved it. I also participated as an undergrad at William and Mary, where it was a debate association and not a team (translation - no funding, and travel to tournaments consisted of fairly informal get-togethers with debate rounds at other nearby schools).

I love a good discussion, and genuinely like creative disagreement. You can generally identify me at tournaments because I still flow sideways on a legal-sized yellow pad. (Apparently it really is hard to teach an old dog new tricks, and God knows my debaters have tried!)

Dan Torres here at Oregon State, debated a bit in high school then picked it back up my senior year of college last year now I am a fifth year senior and this is my last then possibly grad school who knows.

And a Liverpool fan…aahhhh Hotspurs here (have to admit I have been a bad fan lately) other than that its Bayern munich for me :slight_smile:

I’m Katy Rowe, and I just graduated from Southern Methodist University back in May, where I competed in NPDA and the Ethics Bowl. I have a B.A. in Anthropology and a B.A. in English, and I will hopefully be accepted into a Classical Archaeology masters program somewhere in the US by fall 2008. I’m currently looking for work and living in Rockwall, TX. Don’t ask me what I do in my free time, because I’m not yet used to having any again.

Originally posted by army CPT
[B]And a Liverpool fan…aahhhh Hotspurs here (have to admit I have been a bad fan lately) other than that its Bayern munich for me :slight_smile: [/B]

how could you tell i am a liverpool fan :smiley: yeah they are the greatest ever oh and you have my respect for being brave enough to admit to being a lilywhites fan, just joking but nice to know that there are other football fans.

Well Dan, I hope you post a lot, if for nothing else than so I can see Robo-Crouch whenever I come onto net-bens.

Originally posted by SoCalian
[B]Well Dan, I hope you post a lot, if for nothing else than so I can see Robo-Crouch whenever I come onto net-bens. [/B]

Yeah I was holding out for him as my avatar but I need 100 posts to get the custom avatar so I will have to make a new one maybe I can find Gerrard moon walking or something :smiley:

My name’s Sam Pritchard, and I debate at Santa Monica Ccollege, where I’m partners with Sharmi Doshi.

This is my first semester at SMC (and at college in general) after getting a GED and getting out of LA high schools as fast as possible. I debated in high school for two years, and loved it. Moving into Open level has been a bit of a shock, but I’m excited to meet the challenege.

Additionally, I’m utterly mystified by some of the posts in On Case, but I can’t wait to delve into the meat of debate strategy and learn what you all are saying.

Oh, and “hello” to Jesus, and the Cerritos team in general. Hopefully I’ll be joining you on Thursdays from now on for practices.

My name’s Chen, and I’m a first semester debater w/ Ohlone CC. I’m pretty novice, and I’ve only been to one tournie so far – this year’s CAL opener at Berkeley. It was fun, but nervewracking. I’ll see some of you next week in Stockton, hopefully.

As for, prep-time is a huge help, and so are some of the on-case threads. I know so much theory now it hurts.

Hi. So I’m Sydney. I’m a jr and recently transfered from El Camino CC to Point Loma Nazarene. I debated for 2 years at CC and loved it so much here I am at plnu continuing the activity that I love. Hopefully actually making an account on here will lead to checking out this (very) useful forum more often!
Hope to see you all around:D