Job Posting (Non-Debate)


Greetings NPDA Community,

My name is Kyle Morris, and I am the Land Manager for Wrangler Energy LLC. I am also a former competitor (2002-2006).

My company is hiring a Contract Land Analyst, and I’d like to find someone with a background in competitive forensics and superb research capabilities. The skills I developed as a debater have served me well in the Land Profession, thus my reasoning for this post. Although the attachment does mention a geographic preference for the selected candidate, we’re certainly willing to consider strong applicants outside of the referenced region (OK/TX).

If interested, please see the attachment. I won’t be checking this thread since it’s a one-off—email your questions to me directly after reading the job description.


Kyle V. Morris
LandAnalyst-WranglerEnergy.pdf (108.1 KB)