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Dude, if you’re going to bash let’s at least be honorable about it and post your name. If you truly think that it’s laaaaame then you don’t have anything to fear by posting your name.

Isn’t there a policy against anonymous insults?


I thought it was that personal insults from anonymous posters weren’t allowed but I don’t know about insulting posts.



I would concur that you can insult a person’s argument as an anon account.


Let them insult. They’ve not identified themself because they’re likely afraid of being called out by me for a debate, and they knows it is a debate they will lose. I see no harm in the nattering of gnats, as it has no bearing whatsoever on my life.

As far as the substance of what the coward has suggested, I’m ready for T. I’ve always felt those Govs who spend 1 minute on res story are throwing time away that often counterproductively locks them into definitions that don’t serve them. I’m ready to answer the T. I’m not going to waste my time on a T argument before it’s even been made.


If a person feels the need to insult, I do think that they should at least have the guts to include their name-- and no, it doesn’t mean instant hatred, attacks, flame wars, etc.

Example: Personally, both Jason and Matt have thrown some slams at me and the two of them present some of my favorite arguments of any of the people in this forum, even if I differ completely with some of their contentions-- and even if one thinks I hate Christians and the other thinks that I’ve taken up residence in cloud-coo-coo-land.

If you have a beef, spill it-- and sign your name; it’s just good form. Otherwise, it leads to little beyond empty noise.



Originally posted by scooter
[B]and even if one thinks I hate Christians and the other thinks that I’ve taken up residence in cloud-coo-coo-land.[/B]

Scott, you have taken up residence in cloud coo-coo-land.

– Corax


I think both Matt and Jason are doo doo heads for giving Scooter a hard time…

and Konrad can’t even use Corax right :)… and we trust him with tab at our nationals… hmmm :wink:

always willing to give an example of how to sign your name to stuff you may wish you hadn’t said later…