Last Debater Standing -- Awards Ceremony


This is the thread upon which results from Last Debater Standing will be posted.

Awards will include the results from the Catfight (the final round) as well as other individual awards from Catbert.

Ballots must be submitted by midnight tonight.




darn it… my ballot was funny and then I tried to PM it to Jason, but it was too long, and because I was tired I forgot I could email it to him and so I cut out like half of it.



Oh well, since awards ceremonies are very long in real life, this seems as good a place as any to add my thanks. Thank you, to everyone who made it possible for this to happen, Amy and Jason particularly, and thanks to ally, enemy, and bystander alike who entertained me.


Results are in and tabulated. Two ballots were excluded – one for failing to rank all participants and one for being submitted too late. These ballots would not have changed the final results.

In seventh place, with a score of 89 and an average rank of 4.68, Vegetathalas




damn socialization.


In 6th place, with a score of 86 and an average rank of 4.53, is Stanford.


Is it too hackneyed to do the joke again?


well, probably.



Remeber, it is Catbert doing the awards ceremony… it will probably take longer than any other awards ceremony— even the Grammys…

and… ok…

CLAP (the one clap rule…)



The one clap rule was the single funniest thing I saw while debating in the USA. That and the trophy rooms full of trophies won for not winning things.





Hey, we don’t even award trophies for winning things any more. But I won a giant laminated cheque once, and I put it on my wall (they gave me a small, real cheque too, fortunately) (cheque is English English for check, if anyone was wondering) (that wasn’t intended to be patronising, if anyone was wondering).


Aww, I thought you were going hourly. Give out JC sweepstakes or novice speaker or something.


In fifth place, with a number of points and average ranking that I will post later because I left them at home is AhhAlegra.


In fourth place, with a number of points and average ranking that I will post later because I left them at home is pdano.


Before proceeding to the Top 3, Catbert will now issue some additional awards

Escape Goat Award goes to Arabian Knight for being the only debater to actually BE a reverse voting issue.

Telemarketer Award goes to Stanford for a persistent proclivity to request rules clarifications in IM when Catbert was attempting to enjoy his dinner.


Miss Congeniality goes to Vegetathalas for being (apparently) genetically incapable of offending anyone.

Mister NOT Congeniality goes to PFuhrman. Totally. Hands down. Tight.

Groupie Award goes to bnm for being the most obsessively devoted non-player apart from admins.


Alas, the sudden lack of response and absent air of suspense is making me believe that this awards ceremony may be proceeding too quickly or taking place in front of an uninterested audience.

You don’t want Catbert to be bored, do you?


More awards, dammit. These all day training sessions are destroying my…thing…that…did…stuff.


Those other awards are hilarious!