Last Debater Standing -- Awards Ceremony


My money’s on jEd…Best of luck to Pat, Alan, and jEd.

-M, who just woke up


Oh, and by the way, thank you much for the nice Telemarketer Award! :slight_smile: I will hang it over my desk where I can proudly display it to all the many people who pass by my room. And then I’ll look at it and sigh reminiscently and remember that one time that I bugged the hell out of Catbert. :wink:


One time???


Oh, your audience is definitely here. Just waiting for the big ones.


Oh, and dude, I totally just gave this thread a rating of 5. And I’ve never rated a thread before! And I don’t even know what rating a thread really does! If that isn’t evidence of my wanting to hear the top three, I don’t know what is!

But, uhm, tell ya what…

[size=7]FREE DRINKS![/size]

Free drinks to whoever announces the top three! They will be awarded upon confirmation of my 1st place victory in Last Debater Standing!

heh. Wonder if anyone noticed… subtle, sneaky


Space Cadet Award goes to DB8 MissingLink for being perpetually tardy to the beginning of immunity challenges.

Code of Bushido Award goes to Patio11 for winning way too damn many annoying Japan cases.

A.D.D. Award goes to ISamuel and Miss Hummingbird for just…kind of…wandering…away…

Mankato Judge Award goes to LWBeauclair for the worst ballot RFD of all time. Lucy, why do you care if you are “the man”? What, are you trying out for the old Soviet women’s swim team?


Oh, your audience is definitely here. Just waiting for the big ones.

Dre, this isn’t Chippendales.





I can’t decide between “Gross, Jason” and “Would that it were!” I choose both, Sliding Doors-style.


Yeah, Gwenyth Paltrow is pretty gross.


I don’t even care about the results and it’s annoying waiting this long. Mission Accomplished :wink:



In third place is patio11.


I’m surprised that the flat out bribery did not place Stanford higher…

Alan and Jed eh?

Sweet Taquitos.



Actually Jason, I’m kinda losing interest in the whole thing. I don’t really care who won.


I swear, the whole thing better be posted before I leave for home where I don’t have the internet… and I’m leaving soon… Come on, Jason. Don’t let the crappiness of my last two weeks continue by drivng me crazy by making it where I can’t see who won until Monday night.



Originally posted by syphonhail
[B]I’m surprised that the flat out bribery did not place Stanford higher…[/B]

Yeah. I thought I might do okay when four people went out of their way to tell me that they had ranked me #1. :slight_smile: Obviously a lot more people must’ve gone out of their way to offset this. laugh



In second place, with 67 points and an average rank of 3.53 is oh wait, I forgot a couple of last Catbert awards…

Gary Hart Award goes to Threadbare for talking smack and then disappearing.

First Place Speaker Award goes to pdano for matching last summer’s record of undefeated debating.

And finally, the prestigious [i]Catbert[/i] award goes to Alan Tauber for a magnificent display of political evil (almost never had to debate) as well as the best overall job of repeatedly kissing up to Catbert.


Aw…I was hoping I would get Most likely to receive a “L” for a debate that they won award :).


For the love of God, post the winner already! (Not that the suspense is getting to me or anything).


In second place, with 67 score and an average rank of 3.53 is Alan Tauber.

And your tournament champion, surviving an entire summer of Catbert evil and, after repeatedly whining in IM about his lack of vital alliances, with a score of 58 and an average rank of 3.05, the [i]Last Debater Standing[/i] is
[SIZE=3]DB8 MissingLink[/SIZE].