Last Debater Standing -- Awards Ceremony


Congrats Jed, hope that helps to compensate your evil ways. :slight_smile:




standing ovation



Congrats jed you deserved it!



Hmph…And near as I can tell, he’s not even online to realize his victory. (At least, he’s on neither Net Benefits nor AIM).


Congratulations, Jed!



Congrats Jed. You played a hell of a game.



Congratulations, Jed.


Congratulations Jed. You played an awesome game.



Groupie Award goes to bnm for being the most obsessively devoted non-player apart from admins.

I am very pleased with this. :slight_smile:

I didn’t compete because as most of you know, I compete in IPDA and I am not even remotely familiar with NPDA style.

But posting on this site has really improved my debate skills and it amazes me how I know most of you better than my own circuit. I suggested that IPDA create a similar forum, but my coach feels that IPDA doesn’t need that.

Thank you for letting me be a part of what you guys do.



Awww. . .



It could be worse…you could be doing NEDA :wink:



Here’s an interesting thought…

None other than Catbert himself predicted to me before any speeches were posted or ballots were cast that someone with straight 3’s would be able to sneak in and win this game, given the highly polarized field of voters. Turns out he was very correct, as jEd’s average was just over 3.

So, if you were moderate to the point where you received a slightly above average rating (in this case, 3) from all voters, you could probably win this game. Perhaps it was a mistake for all the candidates to try to paint themselves as the best politician, and–rather–it would’ve been better to paint yourself as the bland, inoffensive person who was good but not great, so everyone would be inclined to rank you #3 while ranking their friends 1 & 2 and their enemies 5, 6 & 7.


Congrats Jed.


Mankato Judge Award goes to LWBeauclair for the worst ballot RFD of all time. Lucy, why do you care if you are “the man”? What, are you trying out for the old Soviet women’s swim team? [/B]

Actually that would be tight. But no I just thought the whole thing got kind of ridiculous in the end (vote for me I play an Mp3 vs. vote for me I save a kitty :rolleyes ), I figured ridiculous arguments deserved a ridiculous RFD. Call it perceptive judge adaptation :-P. That cannot be the worst ballot you’ve ever heard. I can think of way worse. Anyway, I stand by my RFD – And I was the judge, so there.


Oh and congrats to Jed.


Ok, so I will go on record now as saying that my rfd was probably the very best in terms of ridiculousness. I’m sure it beats out Lucy by, like, fathoms of ridiculousness.

Unfortunately, I don’t think it will cut and paste very well, so Jason, when it’s time to post the ballots, let me know and I will enter it so that you don’t have to manually do all of the [ img ] crap.



Much congrats to Jed. You are the LDS Master!!!



Congrats to Jed,and I wish Jason would have posted my ballot…


I’m finally back at a computer. Whee. Congrats Jed, and thanks everyone for a very fun game.

Patrick McKenzie