Mile High and public California schools


Heard from various folks that California prohibits travel by students of public colleges and universities to Texas because of anti-gay legislation passed by the Texas legislature. Do not know if that is true.

Also heard that California NPDA schools are aiming to create a substitute tournament, believing they can’t or shouldn’t travel to Texas. Do not know if that is true.

Can either of these claims be confirmed, one way or the other?

If there is momentum toward an alternative tournament, when and where?


Yes, California’s Secretary of State has imposed a travel ban to several states including Texas and Alabama due to laws that allow for and/or are discrimination/discriminatory. AFA-NIET is being hosted by Bama and District 1 filed a grievance because they are not allowed to spend any state money on travel to Alabama. Similarly, NCA was in Dallas this past year and faculty from California state schools were not allowed to spend state money to travel to the convention. The ban is ongoing.

As for a second tournament in California, I am not sure. The last I heard was that some Cali folks were going to prioritize GSL, since it’s a few weeks later on MLK weekend (and it is the site for NPDA) rather than split competition from Mile High. I suppose those plans could have changed from prior conversations.


It is more anti-trans than anti-gay from my understanding of the situation
States Subject to AB 1887’s Travel Prohibition - ND
North Carolina
South Dakota

Just for reference, 7 out of 23 teams were from CA went last year, 4 public (Berkeley, El Camino, SDSU and Rio) and 3 private (UoP, SMC, CUI). Next year I assumed that number will be 4-5 with 1 public school and 3 private.

From my understanding a few people talked about hosting an alternative, I have not seen/heard anything about it since the first wave of reactions, the facebooks have been really quiet about this. UoP talked about moving their tournament to January but I am not the person to check with on their schedule. Personally, I do not think it is likely happen. Everyone kind of has their weekend so the desire to change to compete against MH is real low.

I believe the GSL tournament Rob is talking about overlaps with the CUI Jannese Free and the Winter at the Beach CSULB tournaments, assuming CUI keeps their weekend the same as last year. This would affect a lot of the teams listed above. Am I right on those dates?

As for SMC, we are skipping travel on that weekend from now on.
If enough people want us to host a West Coast Round Robin that weekend I would be happy to but we cannot have a full tournament on our campus due to lack of classrooms. Upsides: Flights into Oakland are cheap, the food in the Easy bay is amazeballs, and it has not snowed in Moraga since about 2009. Downsides: its a small, beautiful, and quiet campus in the hills of Berkeley/Oakland, lacks access to a large selection of food/hotels nearby, and I guess it means people still have a tournament the first weekend in January…


I’m glad this conversation is happening. I don’t have much to add other than WJC is watching what happens with all of this . Mile High, although that’s a bit of a misnomer at this point, is an important part of the NPDA/NPTE parliamentary debate community. I dislike swings, but I think that one mid-year swing is appropriate, fine, and maybe even good. I’m rarely the Pollyanna, but I really do hope that we can figure out a way for this to all work out. It’s awesome to have most folks together for a good mid-year test of our metal.


I agree with Kyle that it is important to bring these conversations into the open. I also agree that our community benefits from at least one large tournament that unites all our regions, other than NPTE and NPDA.

But our shared sentiments don’t address the fact many schools in California and potentially elsewhere face constraints on their ability to spend public funds for events in Texas. Or that if California schools don’t attend Mile High in Denton that makes it less attractive and something other than a nationally-unifying tournament, as it has been.

I guess as a personal matter, I hope Texas changes their laws on LGBT adoption and on bathroom access more than I hope California changes their rules.

Want I want to know as a PNW DOF is what California schools are choosing to do, given what I have heard about their constraints, because that information will influence our decision-making context.

To be specific, if Cali schools won’t or can’t attend the new Mile High, I think Oregon is likely to attend the GSL instead, and I suspect some other PNW programs will make the same decision.


Louie and I are going to chat about this in the next week, so we’ll have more details to share soon.

My understanding is that folks were given permission to travel for academic purposes, in the last year. NCA was held in Dallas last November and I’m pretty sure there were plenty of Cali folks in attendance. So, there must be room for exceptions.

I’m planning to write a letter to program schools asking what kinds of actions we would need to take for them to be allowed to travel. If you think a note from the tournament hosts could help facilitate a more productive conversation for you and your admin, please know that I’d be happy to reach out on your behalf.

The goal of hosting in Dallas is to keep the tournament in a place that is affordable and accessible for as many programs as possible. I was also really hoping the community would embrace having a major tournament on the campus of a new parli program that is capable of helping us grow and whose membership we should support. I TOTALLY get that this could be out of your control, but I’d be incredibly sad if folks checked out without investigating if it’s a real possibility or not.

I hope we find tournaments that most of us agree to attend. Not every tournament should or can be like that, but some should. If Mile High isn’t that anymore, I don’t know what’s left.

In conclusion, we are investigating options and hope your program is willing to try and make this tournament work.


Look forward to hearing what you have planned re: dates and such.