Need Help Arguing for a Minor in Speech Communication at CSU :)


Hi everyone, I will keep this short and sweet. As one of two regular faculty members at CSU Pueblo, I have found myself in the position of having to write and defend a proposal to establish (or reestablish) a minor in speech communication (the name will most likely change but mass communication does not want us to take communication studies). I of course plan to slip forensics units into the curriculum (he, he). At any rate, I was just hoping to get some brief, direct statements posted here, as to the value of applied speech communication courses on your life, career, undergraduate/graduate experience, so that I may use your arguments as personal testimony to the importance of a speech communication program on a liberal arts campus. I once heard Matt Stannard call forensics an “intellectual barometer for a campus,” and to some degree, I see speech communication programs as something similar. So there it is. Please tell me what speech communication courses did (if anything) to help advance your life/career. Remember, anything you say, will be used (ha, ha). Feel free to mention forensics as well since I plan on making that part of the curriculum, but the focus is on the broader spectrum of speech communication courses. All the best and thank you! Go CSU Thunderwolf Debate! :slight_smile: