Net Benefits needs a facelift


Now that it’s the offseason it feels like it’s time to broach the possibility of upgrading NB to a newer forum software. vBulletin is quite dated and our version even moreso - 3.6.7 is two major versions behind the current 5.x.x branch and probably open to a variety of security vulnerabilities since it’s no longer being maintained.

I know Patrick posted last year and mentioned he’s looking for someone to maintain NB over the long term - I’d be happy to take on that role and/or manage the upgrade process if necessary. I would suggest either Discourse or [URL=“”]MyBB - both free/open source options. A cursory Google seems to indicate that other/larger forums have had success migrating from vB to Discourse.


I don’t have much experience with Discourse over MyBB, but the thread sorting in Discourse is awesome.


Howdy guys.

NB recently migrated from my businesses’ infrastructure to infrastructure which is unique to NB. That was largely a risk-mitigation move on my part, both because the software is indeed out-of-date and because there exist things that could happen to my business which would make maintaining NB on our infra infeasible and if that happened NB would not be the obligation which won out.

I think an upgrade within vBulletin is likely on the order of a long weekend project for me. An “upgrade” to another system poses a huge amount of technical risk. (I say that as someone who knows and likes the Discourse team.) NB does a lot of things in an “interesting” fashion of VB installs due to decisions made by previous admins of the site, and if we were to lose content as a result of the migration, I am not in a good position right now to undo that damage.

Part of me feels like I’ve been an absentee landlord for a few years too many, and that part would love someone else to take the reigns. That said, SQ is that NB has remained up for years and has not had any “Will the site go dark at the end of the month for unpaid hosting bills?” problems since I took over, which was actually a thing back in the day.




Patrick - PM’d you :slight_smile: