NPDA 2019: Announcement Thread


Thank you all for choosing to attend the 2019 NPDA National Championships. Please review the items below.

  1. Entry Accuracy: Please, please check your entry and double-check your entry. Konrad Hack, our director of tabulation, wants you to have an ideal experience. Accurate data goes a long way toward that goal.
  2. Hired Judges: If you or someone you know will be at the tournament and would like to be considered for the hired judge pool. Please email me at no later than 5PM PST on March 6th (this Wednesday).
  3. Observers and Guest: Please note that any observers and guests who do not appear on your entry as competitors or judges are REQUIRED to complete Title IX Training and to purchase a meal plan. You can add meal plans in the marketplace at Likewise, if they need to complete training, you can direct them to the NPDA sponsored training at the same website.
  4. Title IX Training: NPDA President Jeannie Hunt has established Wednesday, March 6 at 5PM PST as the deadline for all competitors, judges, observers (any person present at a tournament function) to have completed Title IX training. This can be accomplished by submitting proof of training at a home institution or by completing NPDA sponsored training at
  5. Documentation Due at Registration: Please remember, all schools must provide hard copies of the follow items at in-person registration on the 14th: Program responsibility form, enrollment verification forms, and critic certification forms.
  6. Upcoming Deadlines & Significant Dates
    Wed., March 6 @ 5PM PST: All registration materials, forms, judging philosophies, fees, and Title 9 training verifications due.
    Mon., March 11: Critic Strikesheet and request for any judging constraints distributed to directors.
    Wed, March 13 @ 5PM PST: Critic strikesheets due back to director of tabulation.
    Thur., March 14: Registration & Opening Assembly (schedule & locations forthcoming)


As both tournament director and host, I am super happy to have you joining us on our campus. We are opening up a new building for you (please help us keep it clean) and virtually the entire tournament will be within a 3 minute walk from any other part of the tournament. We also have a few special amenities planned, including daily continental breakfast options, a constant supply of coffee, and a few other things that we hope will make your experience a memorable one. But, I am writing now to make sure you have a few very important updates before you leave to come to Salt Lake City and/or that I want you to know and repeat early and often.

  1. Hard copies of documents: remember, you must bring critic certification forms, student enrollment forms, and program responsibility forms to in-person registration to be eligible to compete. Please don’t forget them.

  2. Non-Smoking Campus: Our campus is one. No traditional or e-cigarettes. Believe me, I know how annoying this policy is. Just take heart in knowing that for you it’s a weekend, for me it’s a life long sentence. And, they are serious, not even designated smoking areas. No smoking period.

  3. Title IX Training: Please remember any human that comes to campus with your program, not just competitors, judges, and coaches, must have completed and provided verification of Title IX training. If you/they haven’t, please use the NPDA Title IX Training, but our preference is that this happens on your local campus. Whatever the case, it must be up-to-date which generally means since August 1, 2018.

  4. Strike Sheets: You should all have them. If not, email Konrad Hack, our intrepid tab director, at to get this problem corrected.

  5. Parking: University of Utah parking is serious about their job, but it is easy to avoid tickets. You only need a pass on Thursday for registration and Friday and space will be abundant because of spring break. On the weekend, it is free. “A” lots on campus are typically closest to the buildings. I recommend that you visit our searchable campus map at: to see where you want to park (we will use primarily the Gardner Commons (GC) and Spencer Fox Eccles School of Business Buildings (SFEBB), with the tournament headquarters in Languages & Communication (LNCO)). From there, you can go to and choose a pass that suits your parking and financial needs for Thursday and Friday. On Saturday, park wherever the spot isn’t noted as 24 reserved, which means almost any spot on campus will be available.

  6. Important Time Dates & Locations Tomorrow: Please be mindful of the following events:

2:30-4:30 - Registration (Each school must send a rep) - LNCO Foyer
4:45-5:30 - Opening Assembly (All persons must attend) - FMAB Auditorium
5:30-6:30 - Title IX/Sexual Harassment Prevention Briefing (all person must attend) - FMAB Auditorium
6:30-8:30 - NPDA Business Meeting (each school should send a rep) - LNCO 1110

  1. Entry Accuracy: Measure twice, cut once, etc., etc., It never hurts to check one more time and it is way easier to catch a problem before Friday morning.

8. Last minute ADA Accommodations or Other Issues: Most all programs filled out the participant google form. Thank you, this makes life immeasurably better for your tournament staff. But, things get forgotten and things come up last minute. If you are living in this world, please email me at


Mike Middleton, Tournament Director/Host

& The John R. Park Debate Society


NPDA Nationals Info Page

Tournament Website


A few announcements before we see you for Round 1:

  1. Forfeit Rule: Prep time will be 30 minutes and a countdown timer will be available alongside the topic on Upon the conclusion of prep, if one or both teams are absent the judge should begin a timer. Teams that arrive late shall have the elapsed time deducted from their first speech. If the time of the first speech is exhausted a forfeit shall be declared in favor of the team present. If both teams are absent, a double loss shall be assigned.

  2. Email Ballot Procedure/Start Ballots: Please review the instructions sent to you by Konrad Hack regarding the balloting procedure for this tournament. After every pairing is posted and before every topic is announced, all judges with a ballot must confirm they have received their ballot for the tournament to move forward. Please help us stay on time by being mindful of this.

  3. Please visit and review the information available there. This will be the location for pairings, topics, and results, as well as other information throughout the tournament. This page is best viewed using a private window, incognito mode, etc., with your web browser of choice.


  5. ROLL CALL PROCEDURE: We will be conducting a roll call for the first round of each day. For this round, each school MUST have a representative present. For all other rounds, we will NOT conduct a roll call. HOWEVER, topics will be debated as announced orally and all schools are encouraged to have a representative in attendance.

  6. MEAL TICKETS: Each participant will have a meal ticket for Saturday and Sunday. It will be a different ticket each day. Please make sure you get your ticket and that you do not lose it.

Thanks for attending the NPDA National Championship. We will see you tomorrow at 8:40AM for Round 1 Topic Announce.

May the odds be ever in your favor,
Mike Middleton
University of Utah
NPDA Tournament Director & Host


Hey folks,

Thanks for all you have done to create a super smooth day 1. Here are a few bulletins as you conclude the evening and begin to plan for tomorrow.

  1. Please do not leave campus tonight until your ballots have been confirmed.

  2. Please tidy your prep rooms. It means more than you know to our campus and janitorial staff.

  3. Please remember, we will have a roll call tomorrow for the first round (round 6).

  4. We will be serving kolaches for breakfast. You don’t want to miss that.

  5. Please review the schedule to identify the times of the district meetings and national student meetings. Locations are available on the “tournament information” page at

  6. Also, remember that tomorrow seasons and eligibility for many of your friends and colleagues will come to an end. Be kind and supportive to one another.

Thanks again for a great day,