NPDA Business Meeting: Preliminary Documents & Final Call for Items


Good Day to You, Friends:

Once again, it is I, your friendly internet-based Cheese—in my full regalia as your Executive Secretary. I am writing today for three purposes: 1/ To provide preliminary copies of documents for the Fall Business Meeting, 2/ To offer a final Call for Items for the Fall Business Meeting, and 3/ To provide an update on Tournament Sanctioning.

First, Attached to this email/document, you will find: a/ Minutes from the Spring Business Meeting, b/ An agenda for the Fall Business Meeting, and c/ An updated word document containing the Bylaw Changes I believe have taken effect since they were last updated in December, 2016. If you note any undue strangeness—or have any questions or concerns, please let me know.

Second, this is a last call for agenda items for the Fall Business meeting. Agenda items for the business meeting, either constitutional or bylaw amendments, must be submitted to me by October 9th, 2018. Final publication of the agenda and document will occur on October 29th, 2018. If there are items you would like the NPDA Member Body to consider—please submit them to me at your earliest convenience before October 9th.

Third, tournament sanctioning is in full swing. I would like to continue to encourage folks to get their tournaments submitted to the NPDA as early as possible, and to follow the sanctioning guidelines—as well as thank those who already have. At this point in the season, 6 tournaments have been uploaded and are entered for Season Sweepstakes awards—and our webmaster is diligently working to provide calculations for our new Open, Junior, and Novice Division Sweepstakes as well. Two additional tournaments have their results entered, but they will not count for Sweepstakes awards until the Sanctioning Requirements have been completed. If you notice any errors, or have any questions about tournament sanctioning, I would be more than happy to help.

Thanks for your kind attention. I now return you to the more productive pursuits of your day.


2018-spring-business-meeting-minutes.docx (17.9 KB)

2018-Fall-Business-Meeting-Agenda.docx (26.0 KB)

NPDA By-Laws, September 2018.docx (43.7 KB)