NPTE 2018 Announcements & Pref Sheet


Hi all,

We’re just days away from the 2018 NPTE! We are very grateful to Joe Gantt and the L&C Team for hosting us this year.

Below are some reminders and announcements as we get closer to the start of the tournament.

ADA & Dietary Requests: Be sure to email me regarding ADA or dietary needs as soon as you can! I’ve heard from GCU & WWU thus far.

Tournament Invitation: It can be found here:
It has a copy of the schedule, campus map, and any other details you may need.

Tournament Procedures: Postings can be found on, and we will be using email ballots. All judges will receive instructions for email ballots on Wednesday.

Prefs: A copy of the pref sheet is attached. It is due by 2pm PST Wednesday March 28 to me. Please be sure to read thoroughly and follow the instructions on the first tab of the spreadsheet so that your preferences can be input correctly into the tab program.

Judge Philosophies can be found here: There are two that we are waiting on obtaining. They will be uploaded ASAP!

Registration: Registration will be at the Crowne Plaza Lake Oswego from 7pm-9pm. I will have copies of invoices for all teams at that time. Remember that you’re welcome to pay by card (link is on your invoice that was mailed to you), check or cash. If you’re unable to come to registration, please let me know!

SHO: This year, our Sexual Harassment Officer is Lauran Schaefer. She has graciously donated her time to serve as SHO for us. In the event you need to get in touch with her, her phone number is 325-226-1588, and her email address is Please remember that all participants must abide by the NPTE Anti-Harassment and Violence policy, which can be found here:
Please be sure to share this information with your team!

Contact Info: My cell phone number is 307-413-0583 if you need to get a hold of me for anything.

Looking forward to seeing all of you in Portland! Good luck at NPDA!


NPTEPrefs 2018.xls (530.5 KB)


Hi all,

Looking forward to seeing you tonight at registration at the Crowne Plaza between 7 and 9pm.

Tomorrow morning, there will be breakfast in the JR Howard lobby starting at 8am. Grab some food, then please head to the Evans Auditorium (room 120) (building adjacent to JR Howard) for morning announcements before we start round 1. Announcements will begin promptly at 8:30. Please make sure your entire team is in attendance.

Prep rooms, schedule, etc. are all at as per usual.

Instructions for email ballots will go out shortly.

Thanks to all of you for being here!



Hi all,

As we move through prelims, I wanted to mention something before we get to the end of the day for the sake of transparency.

In our bylaws, (found here:, there may be an issue when we get to round six. Essentially, the bylaws indicate that we will avoid double pull ups for teams that are still in contention, but also, avoiding the double pull up cannot affect another team that is in contention. As a result of our smaller pool and since we are still breaking 32 teams, the number of teams in contention in round 6 will be far more than the teams that are not. As a result, it will likely be very difficult, if not impossible, to avoid double pull ups in round 6. We are still going to attempt to avoid double pull ups, but it may not be possible. We will not follow the bylaw if we cannot follow it in full.

We will certainly keep you apprised if this becomes an issue, but we wanted to inform you of this potential issue as we progress through the tournament.




Day 3 Announcements:

Hi all,

Thanks again for your flexibility in moving up the schedule today. Tomorrow we will likely do the same thing whenever possible, so please be on alert for that to happen.

Before noon tomorrow, please email me the names of your debaters that are first time attendees to the NPTE. Many of you have already done so, so thank you!

Also, tomorrow is the deadline for the NPTE election. Please vote! Ballots are due to me by 2pm PST.

The following judges got the whammy and are slated for tomorrow morning’s round:

Alice Lin
Aly Escalante
Brent Nicholson
Bridgett Tripp
Caitlyn Smith
Chris Miles
Cory Frivogel
David Bowers
Jake Glendenning
Kinny Torre
Margaret Rockey
Nadia Steck
Sarah Neubaum
Steve Farias
Zach Schneider



Hi all,

Finals just ended in the event you’re off campus. We will try to hold the awards ceremony as soon as possible, so come to campus if you can! There are desserts outside of the chapel as well!