NPTE 2018: At-Large Bids

Hello everyone!

As we get closer to the end of February, I wanted to remind folks that of the At-Large Bid Application process for the NPTE.

As stated in the NPTE Bylaws, teams with 12 points from a school that hasn’t yet received a first or second round bid, teams with 18 points from a school that had earned a first or second round bid.

If the tournament does not have 64 teams that have accepted bids, any team with at least 12 points may submit a request for an At-Large bid to the NPTE.

Detailed information about the process can be found in our bylaws here:

At-Large applications may also include requests for use of half-points. Information on half-points is also located in the link above.

At-Large bid applications are due to the NPTE president by March 12. Please email Kathryn at with your bid requests.

Applications must include:

Let me know if you have any questions!