NPTE 2018 Topic Papers

This is just a reminder that we are approximately 3 months away from the deadline for submitting topic papers for the NPTE 2018. As the school year is starting for most of us, I wanted to encourage everyone to set aside some time in our schedules to write topic papers for this year’s NPTE. Thank you to everyone who participated last year–it was wonderful to have such a strong set of papers!

The submission guidelines are as follows:

Controversy area process:

Please send proposals to when completed.

As per last year’s requirements, please make sure proposals are 3-4 pages in length and include background/importance of the controversy area, potential affirmative arguments, potential negative arguments, at least six potential resolutions under the controversy area, and a bibliography. Both students and coaches are encouraged to write topic paper proposals!

The deadline for submission is November 30, 2017.

Please let me know if you have any questions!


Just a quick reminder that we are 2 months away from the deadline for submitting NPTE topic papers.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

We have one more month until the NPTE topic papers are due on Nov. 30.

I’m looking forward to getting your papers–don’t hesitate to let me know if you have questions!



Please consider submitting topic papers for this year’s NPTE!

We still have a few more days for you to get your NPTE topic papers turned in… as a reminder, the deadline is this Thurs., Nov. 30.

Thank you to everyone who has already submitted topic papers!

We are extending the topic paper deadline to accommodate a few additional papers that are near completion.

If you were planning to submit a topic paper, please email it to me ( by Mon. at 5pm PST.

Thanks, everyone!

Hey Rebecca – any word on when the topic papers will be posted? :slight_smile:

Now that topic papers have been submitted for this year’s NPTE, here is schedule for the remainder of the topic process.

I’ll create a separate post on Net-benefits for each topic paper, so discussion can occur until January 15, as per the bylaws. Please encourage discussion within your squads. The more we vet the topics, the better our nationals experience will be. Be part of the process!

Remember that everyone who submitted papers can edit their papers as discussion is happening.

After discussion happens, I’ll create a survey for the membership to vote on the topic papers. It will be an ordinal ranking of all of the submissions. Voting will occur from January 16-January 27 at 5pm CST to allow ample time for squads to review the papers, the comments, and cast their vote. Each member school receives one vote.

Once voting concludes, I’ll post the results publicly and note the top 5 papers from voting. Also at this time or likely sooner, I’ll be asking all those who submitted papers (with the exception of students attending this year’s NPTE) to serve on the topic committee, to be comprised of 3 individuals.

The goal is to have this committee formed at least 35 days before the start of the NPTE, which is February 22nd.

The topic committee will work with the top 5 topic papers in a public working google doc to discuss/vet resolutions for at least 10 days.

By March 4th, 25 days before the NPTE, the topic committee will provide the 3 resolutions from each controversy area, so that the membership has 48 hours to help with clarification and wording of the final topics.

On March 8th, we will post the official list of the NPTE topics, which is 21 days before the start of the tournament, which will also contain designations for topics that will be used for prelims vs. elims.

I hope this clarifies the process for all. Thank you for your participation in this year’s topic process! After reading some of the papers so far, I know we’re going to have a great NPTE.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

NPTE 2018 Topic Paper_ Health Research Funding.pdf (136.6 KB)
NPTE 2018 Topic Paper_21st Century UN.pdf (161.7 KB)
NPTE 2018 Topic Paper_Artificial Intelligence 2.pdf (624.2 KB)
NPTE 2018 Topic Paper_Artificial Intelligence.pdf (73.7 KB)
NPTE 2018 Topic Paper_Black Panthers.pdf (458.6 KB)
NPTE 2018 Topic Paper_Criminal Justice Reform.pdf (359.6 KB)
NPTE 2018 Topic Paper_Drug Addiction Rehabilitation.pdf (137.3 KB)
NPTE 2018 Topic Paper_East Asia.pdf (61.5 KB)
NPTE 2018 Topic Paper_International Monetary Reform.pdf (301.6 KB)
NPTE 2018 Topic Paper_Military Need Based Programs.pdf (127.9 KB)
NPTE 2018 Topic Paper_Military Technology.pdf (184.0 KB)
NPTE 2018 Topic Paper_NGOs.pdf (208.8 KB)
NPTE 2018 Topic Paper_Separatist Movements.pdf (131.3 KB)
NPTE 2018 Topic Paper_US Military Structure.pdf (138.0 KB)
NPTE 2018 Topic Paper_Waste.pdf (134.4 KB)
NPTE 2018 Topic Paper_Northern Ireland.pdf (574.0 KB)

Just a reminder that we have one more week to discuss the NPTE 2018 topic papers before voting begins. Please ask questions, make suggestions, etc.