NPTE 2019 Topic Paper Voting


It’s time to vote!

Attached you will find the xls to cast your squad’s vote to determine the topic papers for this year’s NPTE. Thank you to those whom submitted topic papers this year. I’m very excited to have so many submissions to give our students a real choice in their topics for competition.

Topic papers can be found here: NPTE 2019 Topic Papers

Please be sure to read each paper.

Voting procedures: Please rank the papers 1-19 in the spreadsheet provided, with 1 being your most preferred topic paper and 19 being your least preferred. No papers may receive the same ranking. Please do not change the order of the topic papers in this spreadsheet. Each team/squad/student org may vote one time, so be sure to take the time to go over your team’s choices collectively before submitting.

Please have the person in charge of your program, such as your DoF, team president, sponsor, etc. submit the final spreadsheet to by 5pm CST December 30th. That gives us nearly two weeks!

Once voting concludes, we will tabulate and release the results, and the topic committee will begin their work. More details will follow once we’re at that step in the process.

Please let me know if you have any questions!


2019 NPTE Topic Paper Ballot.xlsx (10.2 KB)