NPTE 2019 Topics & New Board Members


Happy New Year!

We are pleased to announce the NPTE 2019 Topics and new Board members.

Topics (complete results attached)

  1. China Greenhouse Gases
  2. CAFOs
  3. New States
  4. India Prolif
  5. US Military Pacific Operations

2019 NPTE Topic Voting Results.xlsx (9.0 KB)

New Board members:
We received two Board nominations and are looking forward to welcoming Brittany Hubble (El Camino) and Adam Testerman (Texas Tech) to the NPTE Board. They will be filling the two open seats on the Board as both Joe Blasdel and Vice President Ashley Nuckels-Cuevas will vacate their seats at the conclusion of NPTE 2019. I am incredibly grateful to Joe and Ashley for their service to the NPTE and to Brittany and Adam for their willingness to serve.