NPTE 2021 Invitation

NPTE 2021

Hi folks,

A few announcements for NPTE 2021.

  1. Here is the official invitation for the tournament.

  2. The board is going to modify our invitation procedures for this year. In lieu of the circumstances of 2020-2021 we plan to invite the top 32 teams in the NPTE rankings. We will release more official language in the near future and will start the process of contacting invited teams soon thereafter.

  3. Please remember Brittany’s call for coach of the year nominations. Knock those out!

  4. Zach Schneider’s spot on the board is open after this year. We are accepting calls for nominations for this position.

It’s been a weird year. No way around it. However, we are committed to host a first-class tournament (We’ve even got the wise one, Joe Gantt, back in tab). It’s going to be great and we’re excited to do it. If you have any questions/concerns for us in the meantime don’t hesitate to reach out. All our best to you and yours.

-Adam Testerman + NPTE Board2021 NPTE Invitation.pdf (215.5 KB)