NPTE 2021 Topics

Hey folks! I just wanted to remind you all again to submit topic papers for NPTE. We are just under a month away from the deadline to submit topic papers. See below for the details.

We welcome submissions from all members of the community that will be voted on by the community to be debated at the 2021 NPTE. Please send your topic papers to and see below for some resources. Topic papers are due 11/30/2020. Criteria/Guidelines for Papers:

Example Topic Papers From Last Year:

Hello NPTE Friends!

The time has finally come to vote on the many topic papers we received this year. Below you will find a link to the ballot. Votes are due by 1/1/2021 at 11:59pm PST. Remember you only get one vote per member school and the ballot must be completed by the person in charge of your program.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the 2021 NPTE topic process – whether submitting a paper, providing feedback, or voting! Out of many great options, the following five topic papers were selected by the community for use at this year’s tournament:

Alternative Energy - Joshua Alpert - Berkeley
Medical AI - Alex Li - Oregon
Moon Energy - Joe Blasdel & Brent Nicholson - McKendree
NMD - Alex Li - Oregon
PRC Outer Space Treaty - Gabriel Graville - Oregon

Here is a summary of the voting results: 2021 NPTE Topic Voting Results.xlsx - Google Sheets

The next step in the process is for the topic committee to revise and finalize the topic wordings for these areas. This year’s topic committee is composed of myself, Brent Nicholson, and Brittany Hubble, and we will be workshopping topics in this Google doc: 2021 NPTE Topic Committee - Google Docs

The final topic wordings will be released on January 15. Thanks again to all who participated; we’re looking forward to some great research & debating at this year’s tournament!

Thanks to @schneidmaster and @Brent for their hard work and serving on the topic committee with me. The final wordings for the 2021 NPTE Topics are as follows:

The United States federal government should significantly increase its development of energy and/or resources from the Earth’s moon.

The People’s Republic of China should withdraw from the Outer Space Treaty.

The United States federal government should significantly increase its investment in artificial intelligence in healthcare.

The United States federal government should significantly increase its investment in energy production in the United States from one or more of the following sources: geothermal energy, hydroelectric energy, bioenergy.

The United States federal government should significantly decrease its development and/or deployment of one or more of its existing national missile defense systems.

Happy researching!