NPTE 2021 Update

NPTE 2021 Update

We wanted to provide an update regarding at-large bids to the 2021 NPTE.

I previously announced that we will be accepting the top 32 teams in the rankings, due to significant shrinkage in the number of tournaments this year making it much harder to qualify.

This expansion of the field does not affect any of the existing procedures. If you were already eligible for an at-large bid – with 15 points including half points, or 10 points including half points for the first qualifying team from a school – you may submit your at-large bid request as usual to

However, we will also now accept at-large bid requests from any team that is currently in the top 32 of the rankings, regardless of whether they meet the point threshold; those bids may also be sent to The deadline for requesting an at-large bid (whether “conventional” or top-32) is next Monday, February 22, 2021 by 5:00PM Central.

Lastly, if you do not meet any of the other qualifying criteria (points threshold or top 32), you may still submit a contingency bid by the February 22 deadline. If the NPTE has an odd number of teams as of the at-large bid deadline then we will accept the contingency bid with the highest number of points, to avoid having an odd number of teams and a bye in prelims.