NPTE Announcements 12/26

A couple quick announcements from the NPTE board

  1. The board has voted to lower the points qualification threshold to 15 points. This is a reduction from the previous requirement of 18 points. We made this move because of the decreased number of tournaments this year. A 15 point threshold maintains similar standards for qualification from previous years, when factoring in the smaller tournament pool.

  2. NPTE Invitation will be released in the next few days, be on the lookout!

  3. We are still accepting topic papers for the next few days. Get them in! We’ll start the voting process soon thereafter.

  4. We have a seat available on the NPTE board. Rebecca Sietman’s spot is up at the end of the upcoming NPTEand we are accepting nominations for her seat. Please send me a message to with your information and we’ll get a community vote organized soon thereafter.

  5. We are monitoring what happens with NPDA proposals at the next business meeting to see how the NPTEmight modify one or more of its processes to align with/facilitate cooperation with NPDA. However, we are also not tied to what NPDA does… all this to say, if there are reforms, big ideas, etc. that you could imagine for the NPTE, let us know! We want the tournament to reflect the wishes of the community interested in attending it, so if that’s you, we welcome and encourage your input.