NPTE Announcements (Location, plus)

NPTE Announcement

Hi friends,

A few important announcements from the NPTE Board:

1.NPTE National Tournament (2019-2020)

We are pleased to announce that McKendree University will host the 2019-2020 NPTE on March 7th - March 9th (registration on the 6th).

We are very happy to be able to keep the national tournaments together this year, and so grateful to McKendree for their bid. Official invitation comes later in the year, but feel free to shoot me (or anyone on the board) questions as you have them.

2.Board Membership

Kyle resigned from the NPTE board in May.

Fortunately, the incredibly awesome and amazing Lauran Schaefer (Whitman College) accepted a nomination to fill the empty board seat.

This makes your current NPTE Board: Brittany Hubble (El Camino College), Zach Schneider (McKendree University), Rebecca Sietman (Wheaton College), Lauran Schaefer, and I.

We are very excited to lead the NPTE this year.

3.Brief update on rules changes that no one cares about (except for that one nerd)

We voted to slightly amend our procedures for board appointments. We changed four things:

  1. Clarified that the Board will be composed of 5 members elected for 5 year terms.

  2. Specified what happens when someone resigns (temporary Board appointment until next regular election).

  3. Changed rules to allow only one Board member per school.

  4. We lowered the amount board members can be reimbursed for NPTE work, especially during the tournament.

That’s the major stuff for now. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, concerns, etc.