NPTE at-large bid deadline (TODAY)

Hello friends! Just a final reminder that at-large bids for the 2021 NPTE are due TODAY by 5:00PM CST. As a reminder, you’re eligible for a bid if you are ranked in the top 32. Due to the difficult circumstances of the year, we have interpreted this broadly to include teams that would be in the top 32 including half-points, even if they are not in the top 32 as a unit. To calculate half-points you can enter the debaters’ names in the “Season Points Estimator” on this page: – if your team has more than 7.85 points (which is what the #32 team in the rankings is at) then they are eligible for an at-large bid.

We are also accepting contingency bids until today at 5:00PM CST. If we have an odd number of teams in the field, we will accept the contingency bid with the highest point total (including half points) to round out the field and avoid a bye in prelims.

Thanks for bearing with us during a difficult year, and we hope to see many of you for what is shaping up to be a strong tournament. Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions or have any points of confusion around the process.