NPTE at-large bid deadline

Hi friends! Hope you are all well. This is a reminder that NPTE at-large bids are due on February 25, one week from today.

  • Teams are eligible for an at-large bid if they have earned at least 15 points including half points.

  • Each school is also eligible to submit an at-large bid for one team with at least 10 points including half-points if they do not have any other qualifying teams.

  • You can calculate points for a team including half points by using the Season Points Estimator tool on the NPTE website:

  • Points from tournaments on this upcoming weekend (PSCFA, Oregon, Western States, etc.) are eligible to be used towards an at-large bid, but you should ensure that the NPTE receives the cumes for the tournament by the at-large bid deadline if your team needs those results to qualify.

  • If your team does not have enough points to qualify, you may still submit them as a contingency bid. If the NPTE has an odd number of qualified/accepted teams after February 25, the contingency bid with the highest point total including half points will be accepted in order to have an even number and avoid a bye in prelims.

  • The tournament invitation with other details can be found at:

  • Bids should be submitted via email to

Let me know if you have any questions about the process, and best of luck with the rest of your season!