NPTE elims, MPJ, and topic selection process


Hey friends! The NPTE is discussing/finalizing a handful of policy changes for the upcoming year. Just wanted to direct your attention to the public board discussion threads and solicit any feedback you may have – feel free to comment on this post, message me on Facebook, or email and I will pass your feedback along. (Please also let me know if you would like your feedback to be attributed to you or anonymous.)

  • Elim structure: since we have adjusted the points formula such that we expect about 32 teams to qualify, Joe and I have created a proposal in which we clear the top 16 teams (with a single-elimination runoff if more than 16 teams have a 7-5 or better record).

  • Mutuality/judging: I have proposed that we return to MPJ with the standard weightings (rather than the current system, which is MPJ with mutuality weighted much more heavily than preference).

  • Topic selection process: We have already generally reached consensus that we ought to release the topics earlier in the year, to allow for more detailed research (and perhaps allowing the topics to be used at other tournaments). I have also made a more radical proposal: that we ought to switch to using approximately 6 topics with each topic used in more than one round (the topics would not have to be related to each other, and would be submitted/voted on via the same process as today, except each topic paper would be about one topic instead of a topic area).

We would appreciate any feedback that you have on any or all of the changes under discussion. Thanks!