NPTE Updates, and request for information


The following message was sent out through the parli-l. As a note, I seldom check net benefits, so, should anyone need to contact me directly the most efficacious channel is through direct email.


I wanted to update everyone on a few pieces of NPTE information, as well as ask for some feedback from folks that plan to join us at the 2019 NPTE.

First, as announced at our tournament in April, the NPTE board added three new members through direct election: Kyle Dennis, Ashley Nuckels-Cuevas, and Zach Schneider.

Second, Zach has graciously agreed to assume the role of Treasurer-Secretary and will continue serving as our webmaster. Additionally, Brittany Hubble has kindly agreed to serve as the NPTE points director for the 2018-2019 season.

Finally, the board has voted in a new section of our organizational bylaws that allows some of the board’s discussions to be publicly viewable in real time. The updated organizational bylaws can be found here: ( and the publically viewable discussions of the NPTE board can be found here: ( Our first publically viewable discussion is about tournament size and qualifying rules. We plan to also be taking up various tournament rules for consideration throughout the summer.

In addition to communicating these pieces of information, I’d also like to ask DOFs from schools planning to attend the NPTE in 2019 to send me some information:

We are currently considering several potential locations for the 2019 NPTE. As many of y’all know, the NPDA has announced their 2019 championship tournament will be held on March 14-17 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

As the NPTE board considers the dates and location of our tournament, would you like us to prioritize finding a location close to the NPDA location, or not? Would you like us to prioritize a specific weekend (before NPDA, after NPDA, or a different weekend all together)? Are any of these variable more or less important to you and your program, and/or are there other variables not indicated above that are important to you and your program?

I would invite DOFs to send their feedback to these questions directly to me (

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer,

Jason Jordan

ADOF, University of Utah
President, NPTE