One Book Makes A World of Difference

Hi Friends!

I hope all is well and you are excited about the upcoming debate season!As some of you already know, I’m currently teaching 5th grade reading, writing, and science in Mississippi. I teach at a small, low income school (100% of students qualify for free or reduced lunch). In the 2010-2011 testing year, we scored as the lowest school in the state of Mississippi. We made tremendous growth last year; my fifth graders showed some of the highest growth in the school! Last year, my students made great reading growth, growing, on average, 1.4 years during the 9 months of school. We as debaters (and former debaters) recognize the importance of literacy. None of us would be where we are today had it not been for our ability to read (very, very quickly).

This year, I am looking forward to making even greater reading gains with my new students. This year, however, I have a lower group of kids than I did last year, and unfortunately do not have many books on their reading levels. This poses a problem because research shows that the best and fastest way for kid’s reading levels to rise is by reading LOTS of books on their level (in class, we call them perfect fit books!).

Please consider donating a few books to my classroom library. I have attached an Amazon Wish List, and would deeply appreciate anything that you are able to donate. We will also send you super cute thank you cards!

One book can make a world of difference to a child, especially one that does not have reading books at home.

Ms. Maine’s Independent Library Wish List!

Best Wishes and Thanks,