Opportunity with Americorp to work with Debate


Hi All, I know many of you are looking for opportunities to give back to the community. Here is an opportunity I have been made aware of that might be of interest, please consider this chance to promote debate skills with high school students!

Contact Information:
Dr. Carrie Crenshaw
SpeakFirst Program Director
(205) 934-0664
Email: ccrenshaw@impactamerica.com
Address of Employer:
1901 6th Ave N
Suite 2400
Birmingham, AL 35203
Website: impactamerica.com/speakfirst/
Position Title: Impact Alabama SpeakFirst High School Coach – AmeriCorps Member
More Information: https://impactamerica.com/speakfirst-high-school-debate-coach/
Apply at: https://impactamerica.com/speakfirst-high-school-debate-coach-application/
Start Date: July 22, 2019 End Date: July 17, 2020
Position currently available in Birmingham, AL.
Organizational Description: Impact America engages students and recent college graduates to
address community needs, empowering a generation through collaborative efforts to promote
change in the communities we serve.
Initiative Description: The SpeakFirst initiative enriches the academic experience of talented
and motivated students from Birmingham-area high schools through participation in a
competitive debate team. The initiative gathers exemplary high school students from
Birmingham-area schools that do not provide a formal debate team experience. The SpeakFirst
team participates in tournaments in Alabama and across the Southeast. This highly
collaborative initiative addresses a wide array of needs including one-on-one tutoring and
mentoring, college admissions and financial aid guidance, standardized test preparation, youth
development activities, and summer internships for the debaters. SpeakFirst also collaborates
with seven middle schools to host a intra-city debate league in the Birmingham area. We
currently serve seven Birmingham City Middle Schools with over 100 students participating in
debate at the Middle School level.
Position Description/Requirements: SpeakFirst High School Coaches serve on a team of three
under the direction of the SpeakFirst Program Director. SpeakFirst coaches serve as coaches,
teacher/discussion leaders, and mentors who guide and improve our debaters’ research,
argumentation, and speaking skills. SpeakFirst High School coaches may be assigned to assist
with or lead any of the following:
● Manage and coach practices three evenings per week including detailed research
● Travel to and judge and coach at 8-10 weekend tournaments
● Coordinate Assist with and/or Organize/Coordinate:
○ Tournament travel to 8-10 weekend tournaments
○ Extracurricular events to expose the students to important cultural and historical
learning opportunities throughout Alabama
○ recruitment of the next class of debaters
○ tutoring sessions and college counseling and test preparation for debaters
○ college admissions planning and summer internships for students
○ Participate in the middle school program
● Option to serve with other Impact America initiatives: FocusFirst , a vision care program
for preschoolers and SaveFirst , a free tax preparation program for low income families.
● During the summer, assist with Impact Alabama’s CollegeFirst program, an Advanced
Placement mentoring initiative to prepare high-school students to excel in AP courses
Skills Required: Successful candidates will exhibit a commitment to improving the lives of
economically disadvantaged families, a record of community service and/or civic engagement,
leadership skills, the ability to work well with a diverse group of individuals (e.g., college
students, children, community partners), flexibility in a fast-paced environment, and a positive
Candidates with prior experience in debate and/or education generally will be prioritized.
SpeakFirst devotes three full-time AmeriCorps coaches to twenty-two students, under the
supervision of the Program Director, to ensure a rigorous learning environment is maintained. A
strong candidate will be able to work collaboratively on a staff of coaches lead by the Program
Director and demonstrate flexibility and a strong commitment to improving our student’s
debate skills. Coaches should be able to manage a substantial amount of independent work
hours conducting research on debate topics and demonstrate enthusiasm for teaching high
school students how to debate well.
Additional Information: Impact Alabama is an AmeriCorps Program® . Benefits include the
● Monthly living stipend (varies each year)
● $5,920 education award (received upon completion of term of service)
● Health insurance
● Meals when providing service outside of your home county
● Mileage reimbursement when driving your personal car for service
● All travel costs during overnight trips (hotel, rental car, meals)
● Ongoing professional development and training
Impact Alabama welcomes applications from individuals with disabilities. We have
sought to identify the essential functions and physical requirements of all service
positions and will make reasonable accommodations through scheduling, task
reassignment, and other methods to accommodate applicants and AmeriCorps
members. Please contact us should you need accommodations in order to apply.
Eligibility Requirements :
● Documentation of status as a U.S. Citizen, U.S. National, or lawful permanent resident
alien (AmeriCorps eligibility requirement)
● Completion of a college degree (exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis with
prior approval)
● Submit to a criminal background check, including an FBI check, NSOPW check, a
statewide check in the applicant’s state of residence at the time of application, a
statewide check in applicant’s state of service (if different than state of residence)
● At least 18 years of age